1. Steve777

    Heatwave NSW/ACT - Intense Heatwave - Nov 27 to Dec 2

    The models are lining up for an intense heatwave across South Eastern Australia to end Spring and kick off Summer, as a very hot air mass moves across. The dates of the event vary by place. It has already started in SA, Vic and inland NSW, with Griffith in the Riverina going for 41° today. It...
  2. Steve777

    Predictions NSW/ACT - Post Christmas Heatwave Dec 26 to early January

    A spell of hot weather is due to start pretty much now inland and in another couple of days near the coast. It will not be as extreme as the last one, with 850 temps over Sydney peaking around 24° on the 31st. It looks quite dry, with little cloud cover let alone rain. A change arrives on New...

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