1. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report Mt.Baw Baw N.P. 27 & 28/2/21.Hidden huts and the AAWT

    Your correspondent in the field went to walk with the friends of Baw Baw group during the last weekend of summer 2020-21. We visited the somewhat hidden Jan's hut , NBW hut and The Rover Hut. In addition to that we walked up the AAWT from Mt. Erica car park and camped...
  2. Bogong

    Advice needed SW Tassie huts, especially the former 3 sided shelters

    Hi folks. I need help with one of my projects. I'm trying to document huts in South West Tasmania, especially the Three Sided Shelters that used to be scattered around the area until the turn of this century. Yes, it's an obscure subject, but that's why it needs to be documented, other people...
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