1. Asama

    Japanese Super Hot and Humid Summer 2020 thread

    Disclaimer: Not my thread title idea! 2020 so far for me: warmest ever winter → so-so spring → hot summer??? Stealing the JMA stats from Karuizawa observatory which is the closest and probably most relevant "proper" observatory to me... Monthly average temperatures: So far every month...
  2. Tanuki

    Trip Report Tokyo to Tohuku and back - 2018

    It's pretty grim out there in the year of 2020; just when it looked like the gloom was receding we now have the doom in the USA. I've been sitting on this TR for a couple of years and it seems now's the apt time for some joy and levity. It'll be mostly a photo essay with some paragraphs added...
  3. Hermannator

    Trip Report The Hermannator has landed

    There’s a few ski.com.au crew in Japan it seems... I thought I’d try a TR - it’s probably not going to be up to the level of others but I’ll try to make it interesting.
  4. JuniorJunior

    Driving in Hokkaido

    Hi All, We are in Hokkaido in late Feb and will be driving from New chitose airport to Furano - Otaru - Niseko - Airport. Can anyone recommend the best route from the airport to furano & from Otaru to Niseko? What are the best roads? To Furano - Is it best to take the E38? To Niseko -Will the...
  5. Hermannator

    Resource Domestic Flights Japan

    Couldn't see a dedicated thread for this... My question to the brains trust: Is it worth flying from CTS-NRT with anyone else bar JAL/ANA (e.g. to connect with NRT-MEL flight home, I'm thinking no)? Specifically those two offer an 'explore Japan' or similar pass for JPY10,000 one-way. On the...
  6. elSpike

    Trip Report elSpike's Ski Ski 2020 - Shiga Kogen and Myoko

    The hype is real! We are just 23 days until team elSpike take off from warm and humid Singapore, which means it is time for me to start my, now, annual traditional trip report thread. I got so many positive responses last time that I decided to do the same format of daily trip reporting as the...
  7. N

    New Gondola at Nozawa

    Hi all, I'm looking for more information on the new Nozawa gondola that opens for the 2020/2021 season. It's quicker and it has no mid-mountain Yunomine station. Are there plans for how beginner level skiers will exit the Yunomine area? Are new (beginner) runs planned down into Nagasaka...
  8. Bruuuueeeeyyy

    What season pass to get for Honshu?

    Hey there, I've just moved to Tokyo and am counting down the days till the white stuff starts falling from the skies. I'm looking to buy a season pass but am going round in circles of which group of mountains to go for. Myoko, Nozawa, Hakuba? So far I'm favouring Myoko but was hoping to hear...
  9. kurtis bollard

    taking snowboard to japan with JAL

    so, heading to japan from sydney next season with JAL and taking a suitcase and board by itself in board bag. Has anyone had to pay charges flying from sydney? or will they just let u on. Also for a qantas domestic flight to sydney has anyone experienced taking a board on those flights for free...
  10. R

    Myoko Kogen and Hakuba Back country (Video)

    Hi All, Long time reader but first time poster. Melbourne based & frequenter to Hotham and Falls Creek. Here's a video from out ski trip which was mainly back country earlier this year. Let us know what you think. Cheers.
  11. A

    Trip Report On Kiroro

    I've been a fan of these these forums for a long time. They have become my first stop for anything and everything skiing/adventure - they are great. The one thing that I always struggle with is whenever I'm looking for info on a specific place. For places like larger more well known places...
  12. dmz

    Culture Japanese language

    Here are some Japanese language tips I have gathered from other posts: How do you say goodbye? It depends on the relationship. I mean, Sayonara sounds formal and polite, but it sounds like you'll never meet him / her again too if you say it to friends. If a girlfriend says "Sayonara" to her...
  13. H

    Family slackcountry wirhout the crowds

    after 11 great years in Niseko I’ve been watching the Hanozono overdevelopment with horror. It’s time to move elsewhere. Does anyone have a suggestion for a place like Niskeo was 11years ago?? We are missing the family run izakaya, lack of crowds and endless fresh tracks through the trees...
  14. V

    Advice needed BYO skis for on piste runs

    Hi all, I have a trip to Niseko coming up early Feb for 8 days and was planning on bringing my skis from Australia. I have a set of Volkl skis that are 74cm underfoot and just wanting to know if these would work well enough for the groomed runs in Niseko? Note I am an intermediate skiier...
  15. Goody

    Will Furano suit my 11 and 14 yr old?

    Is the good skiing in Furano all outside the gates? Do you need avi gear? Or are there safe places to ski without a beacon, in or outside the gates, that are challenging. I’m not sure I want to buy my 11 and 14 yr old a beacon, probe & shovel and give them avi training. They are really good...
  16. CbinSyd

    Mizuno Ski Gear

    Hey all, New to the forums as I plan a trip to Japan. Has anyone bought Mizuno ski gear? If you have, what did you think and how is fit? Tight/normal?
  17. Lonepeak

    Advice needed Weather and/or Condition Apps Suggestions?

    Anyone have some favorite apps for confirming which area to ski that day in Japan? Most resort sites seem skimpy on daily report details. For a January Otaru trip I will be trying to figure out which resort to hit on a particular day. One of the areas is supposedly "better than Kiroro if...
  18. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Question XC skiing on a budget in Japan?

    Hi. Since I love XC skiing ,and I want to improve and I want to XC ski for more time than the Oz season permits I am thinking about XC skiing abroad. What kind of money I am looking at spending on a say 10 days of XC skiing in Japan in early Feb.?Where might be...
  19. Sharka

    Advice needed Recent experience with ski school in Nozawa Onsen

    Hi everyone, I am looking to visit Nozawa Onsen for one week at the beginning of February, with 2 kids in tow. They are 5 & 9 years old. They have been to the ski school at Myoko Kogen for the past 2 years and had a super time. One great thing about Myoko Snowsports is that they would guarantee...
  20. L

    Jetstar Sale 2019

    Just had a look at the Jetstar sale(03/05/18). Flights Melb. Tokyo return are $679 for late Jan. However by the time you add 20Kg luggage and oversize bag it comes to $981. Not so cheap after all. Would rather wait for specials from full service airlines.

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