1. Sage O

    Trip Report 2018 Hakuba Japan trip report (Spring Season)

    Well we've just come back from our latest trip to Hakuba and already the daily routine of office life is already becoming tiresome. At least its only about 50 days till the home season kicks off! My girlfriend and I visit Hakuba for during the 2016/17 season and liked it so much we thought we'd...
  2. Rob Thomson

    Resource Using official Japanese topographical maps in English

    I've written up a resource about how to print out hard copies of the official GSI Japanese topographical maps, as well as displaying them in English on your smartphone. http://www.14degrees.org/android-iphone-apps-displaying-japan-topographical-maps-english/ At the moment I know of three...
  3. R

    Advice needed Looking for ski instructors in Hakuba (Happo-one)

    Hi everyone! I am Andrew! I'm going to ski from Mar 15 to Mid-Apr for a month in Hakuba Happo-one Therefore, I'm looking for ski instructors who can give me lessons and improve my skills I can ski green run confidently but keep falling down in red runs As I am staying there for such long period...
  4. J

    Job Vacancy Hakuba 2017/18

    Vacancies to work at our hotel in Hakuba. www.powdertemplehakuba.com We are a 12 bed accommodation provider with a newly opened bar and restaurant. Applicants would need to be self motivated and passionate about exceeding client expectations, an accommodation providers reviews govern their...
  5. A

    Nozawa Onsen day trip from Hakuba

    Hi all Is Nozawa Onsen worth a trip from Hakuba for the day ? Closer thanTenjindaira... Interested in the steep lines - Powderhound gave it a decent review ? Also I have all the BC gear but my dad doesn't , (he is still a good skier for his age , no big cliff drops though :p) . Obviously...
  6. MickeyE

    Sold DPS WAILER 112 HYBRID POWDER SKI 188cm, Marker Griffon Demo Binding

    These skis were purchased for a two week trip to Japan Jan 2015. They were fantastic in the powder and were great on-piste too. Marker Griffon Demo bindings are fitted so no re-mounting is needed. Condition is consistent with 2 weeks use, some chipping at tips, please see photo. Skis have...
  7. mariaaagaard

    Japan Ski Travel Buddy Wanted

    Hey! I want to go skiing in Japan (preferably Niseko) in Feb/March 2017, and I'd really like to travel with a group! Is anyone going around this time or interested in going and want to join teams? Otherwise I'd love to hear about any group tour organisers out there if you have any...
  8. Rob Thomson

    Ski Touring Routes in Hokkaido

    Hi all, I am new here. I am a Kiwi living and working in Hokkaido, Japan (working at a university in research). I thought I would share an information page I've put together about ski touring in Hokkaido. It's not super comprehensive yet, but it includes trip reports and route maps of the...
  9. Nikolina

    Question Powder Progress Courses Niseko

    Hello! I'm heading over to Japan in February 2017 and could potentially be travelling with a friend who is an expert level snowboarder. I have been told by instructors that I'm an "advanced intermediate" and have good technique and confidence on piste, carving and some black runs (all in...
  10. P

    Advice needed Nagano or Niseko (February 2017)

    Hi guys, Nine of us are heading to Japan next year (February 5 - 15) and would like some advice on picking a resort to base ourselves at. Eight are snowboarders and mostly comfortable on blue runs (Perisher's Roller Coaster being a favorite). We would not mind renting cars if that opens up our...
  11. TDS

    Getting to Nozawa Onsen from Kyoto

    Hi Guys, Hope you've all been well! Was just looking for some advice regarding transportation to Nozawa Onsen. I will be staying in Kyoto before heading to Nozawa and was wondering what the best way for me to get there would be. Would I be better off training back to Tokyo then up to Nozawa...
  12. Heinz

    Japan ski area bus schedules

    In response to a couple of questions I've had on bus schedules in the Morioka region I thought I'd start a new thread based on the research I've done on my Tohoku trips. There was a general travel thread but that focused more of internal flights, car hire & trains so anything else is hard to...
  13. CourtneyThorne

    Domestic flights Tokyo to Sapporo

    Trying to get an idea of domestic flight costs Tokyo to Sapporo in Feb/Mar 2017. Anyone recommend using the Japan Exporer Pass? (http://www.world.jal.com/world/en/japan_explorer_pass/au/?ej=142). I've heard baggage costs can be pretty pricey and sometimes it's cheap to send your gear over using...
  14. trowa159

    Trying to turn winter rideshare into more like a RPG

    Snowboard/Ski friends, We are passionate skiers and snowboarders who love to shred at different resorts. The problem is, it can be challenging to find a ride… What if, there is a site that allows you to find rideshare to any resorts? My best friend and I want to put riders and drivers together...
  15. J

    Job Vacancy Hakuba Japan 2016/17

    A vacancy exists for our start up hotel in Hakuba. www.powdertemplehakuba.com We are a 10 bed accommodation provider with a soon to be open bar and restaurant. Applicants would need to be self motivated and passionate about exceeding client expectations, as it is our first year this is very...
  16. S

    Snow Report April 2016 Japan - Where's the Best Snow?

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forums, I hope I'm doing this right? My wife and I are taking our two small kids to Japan for a one-week ski trip from 9 April to 16 April 2016, so only a few weeks away. We've never been, and other than having nothing booked yet (!), we don't know where the best snow...
  17. M_G

    SnowPorn The 2015/16 memories thread

    Now the season is just about done thought we could maybe start posting a 'best of'. Not the most primo season but there were definitely some good days out there. Here's one that was posted recently by a crew staying up the road from me. Great effort. This is a shot one of them took of the...
  18. TDS

    Niseko First Timer Thread.

    Hey Guys, I know there has been some great threads regarding Niseko in the past, but I was thinking it may be worth starting up a new one. I am heading to Niseko for my first Japan trip on the 16th of Feb, really looking forward to it. Was just thinking maybe I could get some recommendations...
  19. G

    Question Best time to book?

    Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster here. I'm booking a trip to Japan (Niseko) for January 2017. I've been keeping a constant eye on flights but was wondering if there is a general consensus on how far in advance to book to get the cheapest deal? I'll be flying QF as I've got a decent...
  20. M

    Niseko January Ski Video

    A video of the conditions in Niseko as of last week, enjoy!

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