1. P

    Question Japan BC resources - Hokkaido - Asahidake, Kurodake, Etc

    Hi All, Have 2.5 weeks late Jan in Hokkaido, based in Furano with car. Three of us (2 AT and 1 Splitboard) I am interested in any good resources people have or know of on back country routes around Furano, Tokachidake, Kurodake, Asahidake, etc to help with planning. E.g. where to start /...
  2. ConstanceEmily210592

    Niseko Vegetarian shops

    Hey guys, i'm going to Niseko for the upcoming winter season, i'm a vegetarian (am aware that I shall have to eat fish stock etc in Niseko if i go to restaurants).. Just wondering if anyone knows of any 'health food' shops i.e. shops that stock chia seed / quinoa / almond milk etc anywhere...
  3. Snow-balle

    Backcountry Crew

    Hi guys, Heading to japan for 2016 season for my first time. Going to purchase / hire a van and tour most ski areas. Im an all round rider, mix it up between backcountry, resort riding, park and free ride. I have level 1 avalanche safety. Have one seasons back country exprience in south...
  4. Mufts

    The Owl House Niseko - Our build (PICS)

    Ever loved a place and thought, I'd love to have a house there? We did... One thing led to another, and all of a sudden we were planning our holiday rental build in Niseko! A picture tells a thousand words, and a bunch of pictures make a story. So here are a few pics from the build that has...

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