1. leemango

    overnight van camping Jindabyne

    Hi guys! Partner and I are headed to Jindy for the winter. We’re riding at Perisher and have a ski tube pass. We’ve got a VW transporter that’s pretty discreet / self sufficient. We have some campsites / caravan sites booked around the place but there’s a few nights we’re unable to find any...
  2. S

    Accom Offer Last Minute Accommodation: Thredbo and Jindabyne

    Last Minute Accommodation Lists: Thredbo and Jindabyne (updated at least weekly) At Ski Kaos we manage & offer many other Thredbo Apartments and Chalets ready for your holiday See this direct link for our updated last minute accommodation lists...
  3. S

    Accom Offer SKI KAOS: Best Value Jindabyne Holiday Apartments

    Best Value – Jindabyne Holiday Apartments At Ski Kaos we look after several Jindabyne Holiday Apartments ready for your holiday. We Save you Time and Money: We offer the best prices and we have availability when everyone else is full Our properties range from a large studio apartment to a...
  4. AJS

    Advice needed Rex + shuttle bus, Sydney to Thredbo (via Cooma)

    Hi all! Looking at costs to borrow a car to drive to Thredbo (return) inc 2-3 tanks petrol + daily NP fees (just to park it for 4 days in overnight parking), all for a solo trip, and it seems like it costs more or less roughly the same to fly Rex and get the shuttle bus. Given I'm close to the...
  5. Total Whiteout

    Question Hiring for Kozzie

    Heading to Kozzie this weekend. Have heard the snow is ok. I'm flying to Canberra on Friday so I won't have my usual stix. Where's the best place to hire XC gear in Jindy / Thredbo? And would people recommend getting the Scenic Chairlift up from Thredbo? Or should we walk / ski from...
  6. Phebe hansen

    Wanted WTB - onsite permanent van in jindabyne

    Hi guys, Looking to buy an on-site caravan in Jindabyne. Any one looking to sell, or knows where to look to find where to buy would be really appreciated! Thanks heaps. Phebe.
  7. Kelly123

    Advice needed Where to stay Jindabyne - young, party?

    I'm keen to snowboard Thredbo and Perisher for early July this year. I'll be by myself and want to socialise easily, have a couple of drinks and generally get amongst it. Will Jindabyne be the best bet? If so, what are good places to stay close to the action, bars, nightlife etc.? I'm happy to...
  8. L

    Onsite van

    Hi everyone, I am looking to purchase an onsite van in either of the Jindabyne caravan parks. I am a legitimate buyer, please pass on any information if you are or know of anyone selling. Contact by PM. [-edited by admin, public email posting is a spam disaster -] Thanks Leanne

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