1. OREOS_31

    Question Which is better: working for the resort or working for a small business on-mountain?

    I'm keen to work at Falls Creek during the 2019 snow season but I'm not sure whether I should aim to work for the resort as a liftie or something, or if I should aim to work for one of the businesses on the mountain (I have hospitality experience and could work as a bartender/waitress/kitchen...
  2. Ski_mask

    Looking for position @ Perisher

    To skip the story, my question is at the bottom ****** So here's the story, me and my partner are from the UK and have been planning since September 2017 to work a ski season in Aus. She's a ski instructor at a local dry-slope and I volunteer there at weekends to help coach youngster in ski...
  3. K

    Hostels at Big White?

    I'll be heading over to Canada later this year to look for work at a ski hill. Just wanting to know if there is a hostel at big white (roughly $35 per night) or are the closest hostels are in Kelowna?And if so, is it expensive to be travelling from kelowma to big white? I'm assuming it will take...
  4. T

    Advice needed Fernie vs Big White vs Norquay - where to work?

    I've received multiple offers for working in ski school and I am the worst decision maker alive. Fernie? Big White? or Mount Norquay? Previously I have skied at Whis, Beaver Creek, Vail and Breckenridge. I'm pretty sure I want to work at Fernie. I like the appeal of the town and enjoy...
  5. TheMule

    Review Perisher Work Experiences

    New to the forums here, Just wanted to start a thread where seasonal workers share their experiences of their jobs to try and help people plan out future work. Any and all stories and opinions are welcome. *note: not limited to working for Perisher