july 2020

  1. POW Hungry

    Observations 24-27th July VIC/NSW Resort Obs

    Tricky one, this one. Not likely to be a lotta love for the Snowies and Vic Alpine. All the same we've currently got an inversion with Cooma warming up outta negs (& precip!?). Still light winds in the resorts at elevation, 10-15km/h in the NSW Resorts.
  2. Untele-whippet

    Observations July 2020 Tasman Low

    4C, looks like sago coming down now, probably hail. A bleak day today.
  3. POW Hungry

    Predictions 19th-21st July Glancing Blow

    WA peaker (16th/17th) is a big system for the Sou-West, but EC and GFS moderately aligned to suggest we'll see the offcuts and remnants, aka Clipper through the SE on the 19th/20th. Ridge influence sees to a mere top up at the moment. EC 12z GFS GFS: At this stage there doesn't appear...
  4. POW Hungry

    Observations 10-15th Jul Backdoor Betty Obs

    Himawari8 showing some spin cycle through Eastern SA.
  5. POW Hungry

    Predictions 13-16th July Tasman Low (NSW Coast)

    Lining up on LWT modeling is the potential for a cradled low scenario to form this weekend as it enters the Tasman. Given it forms from an ULL it has the potential for severe local damage as a result of the slow-moving cradled-low set-up. Global models paiting a grim mid-range picture at the...
  6. POW Hungry

    Predictions 11-13th July Upper Cut Off

    Some agreement between GFS & EC, both signall a decent chance at a winter system for the SE in this date range. GFS Long Wave plots suggest there may be back to back systems, where as EC bids on a cut-off scenario. GFS EC showing an abundance of cold air. With a broad-based UL trough...
  7. POW Hungry

    Observations 1st - 4th July System

    Be rude not to kick the New Fin Year off with a Himawari8 grab from this morning. As the subsiding system heads through the Bight. Albany recording 8.4ºC overnight, a fraction over it's Mean Min Temp for July.
  8. POW Hungry

    Predictions 1st-4th July: Season Starter?

    AAO/SAM on a legit dive over the next week. 1st-5th looking like a start IMO. Trend and alignment is there. 1-2 punch on GFS this arvo.

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