july 2021

  1. POW Hungry

    Predictions 23-28th July Nor-Wester Deliverance

    I've been in two minds about this one. It's looking like a positively-tilted, NW'ly inbounder again, but there's some snow gain in this IMO. Varying levels of agreement (@9 days now). If you're a devout Canadian, you'll love this one as it upgraded to the heavens overnight HERE. Otherwise...
  2. POW Hungry

    Observations 9-14th Inland Trough & Ridge Influence

    Some might think of this period as a curtain-raiser, interim period but whilst Sydney is in lockdown and Vic is free what better time than now to cloud watch ahead of next weeks action. A few showers sitting on the border Alps at the moment. Doesn't look like much moisture South of the ACT though.
  3. POW Hungry

    Predictions 14-21st July

    Strong long wave support in this date range, with the possibility of some small top-ups in the dates leading up to 15-19th date range. Showing on both EC Ensembles and GFS, it's got a start IMO. The amplitude at long range is showing big potential for big falls around Friday/Saturday 16/17th...
  4. POW Hungry

    Predictions 2-6th July Season Starter

    There's enough in this date range for some reasonable confidence of long-wave influence over the SE region IMO. Ensembles siding with a classic winter set-up, in a flip to the recent few weeks of repetitious cut-off systems. Bring on the SW flow. EC Ensembles: Big nodal support on EC determs:

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