lake cobbler

  1. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Mt. Cobbler hike. Photos from May 2017 While stuck in Loch Doon No. 6 ( Och aye !) and not being permitted to get out and ski , surf or hike , I went for a bushwalk down memory...
  2. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report Lake Cobbler, Mt. Cobbler and Mt. Speculation.17-19/12/18

    Hi.I have just returned from the VIC. ALPS. Lake Cobbler, Mt. Cobbler and Mt. Spec. were superb. I must admit my curiosity about driving into Lake Cobbler was heightened by HONGOMANIA's and CHOKEN CHICKEN's white season 2018 BC XC trip reports which involved skiing...
  3. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Question Lake Cobbler to Mt. Speculation. XC BC ski ??

    Hi. My question to the Panel is : If there is a decent snow fall down to about 1300 M. then could one drive up to Lake Cobbler from Whitfield in a suitable vehicle with chains, a shovel and a chainsaw etc. on board and possibly day tour on BC XC skis from Lake...

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