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  1. I

    Perisher Lodge Membership's Available

    Located in Smiggin Holes, IMBAC is an on snow lodge accommodation for members and their guests. We currently have memberships available and would love to welcome new members to the club. IMBAC is a not for profit ski lodge that gives any profits back to the club to promote and develop skiing...
  2. Mahala

    Perisher or Smiggins lodge membership

    Hi all, We are a young family interested in becoming members of a child-friendly lodge in Perisher or Smiggins. I'd love to hear of any memberships that may be available. :) Thanks!
  3. Smally

    Thredbo Lodge Membership

    Any one looking at selling a lodge Membership Share at Thedbo?
  4. C

    Share in Munjarra for sale.

    Share in http://munjarra.com.au/ for sale.
  5. C

    Ski Lodge Share for sale (Munjarra)

    Share in http://munjarra.com.au/ for sale.
  6. K

    Question Looking for a Lodge Membership in Perisher

    Hi We are a family of 4 keen skiers/boarders. We would love to be part of a lodge in Perisher. Anyone know of any good ones that are looking for new members? Any help will be much appreciated.

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