nozawa onsen

  1. S

    Question Shibu Onsen experience and transport?

    Thinking of doing 2 nights in Shibu Onsen with the family next season on the way to Nozawa Onsen. Any recommendations for: accommodation (ryokan I guess) in Shibu Onsen? And tips/tricks for transport from Hokuriku-sen to Shibu Onsen; and onward from Shibu Onsen to Nozawa (that looks hard...
  2. N

    New Gondola at Nozawa

    Hi all, I'm looking for more information on the new Nozawa gondola that opens for the 2020/2021 season. It's quicker and it has no mid-mountain Yunomine station. Are there plans for how beginner level skiers will exit the Yunomine area? Are new (beginner) runs planned down into Nagasaka...
  3. S

    Lessons in Nozawa Onsen

    Heading back to Nozawa in Jan. Got a full day lesson for the family with the official ski school last year but its pretty pricey. Other than Nozawa Holidays does anyone know of a channel for accessing other ski instructors at Nozawa? cheers.
  4. fosphenytoin

    Trip Report Intermediate's 1st Japan trip: Nozawa Onsen

    A little about me: I am a cautious intermediate, started skiing in ~2012. I grew up in Hong Kong (HK), now living in Washington D.C.. In weekends, I normally ski at our small hills in Pennsylvania. Since 4 years ago, I started venturing out to bigger ski resorts, I have been to...
  5. fosphenytoin

    Advice needed Nozawa Onsen for Intermediate skier

    Hello (again)! I will be in Nozawa Onsen 3 days (29th Dec - 31st Dec). I am a cautious intermediate skier and this will be my first time skiing in Japan. Questions for all you fine, helpful, knowledgeable folks ;): 1) Is there a guided tour offered by the ski resort to show 1st time...
  6. Sharka

    Advice needed Recent experience with ski school in Nozawa Onsen

    Hi everyone, I am looking to visit Nozawa Onsen for one week at the beginning of February, with 2 kids in tow. They are 5 & 9 years old. They have been to the ski school at Myoko Kogen for the past 2 years and had a super time. One great thing about Myoko Snowsports is that they would guarantee...

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