1. Billy Bob

    Observations Australian Personal Weather Station Links

    David from Oz Forecast and myself installed the 'Bungendore Village' PWS yesterday. I will not reveal the exact location on a public forum as I don't want to attract opportunistic vandalism (the odds of such people being on here is remote, but nonetheless...) I will say that it is located in an...
  2. Ian

    Question Dead Horse Gap parking 2020

    May I park my car at DHG this year or Cascade Trailhead? Say for 2 nights.
  3. POW Hungry

    Trip Report A visit to the Western Faces 24-25th August

    An account of a brief sojourn out back last month - our only real chance at classic mid-winter conditions for 2020. I don't consider myself a writer but I felt the need to put some words together. https://www.tysonmillar.com/blogged/2020/9/6/one-shot-winter I also did a brief side-country visit...
  4. Steve777

    NSW/ACT Cold outbreak with widespread snow - August 21-24, 2020

    The models are lined up for a significant cold outbreak starting from tomorrow Thursday August 20 into early next week. Weather patterns have reverted to a more normal August pattern, with the highs up North, deep low pressure to the South and strong W-SW winds over SE Australia including NSW...
  5. Jellybeans

    Day to Day NSW / ACT weather

    I'm starting this thread to kind of keep all of the WZ NSW refugees together in one thread. This thread is for day to day observations and predictions for areas that aren’t in the Snowy Mountains (ie not snow-related). Rainfall predictions, statistical analysis and other things that fit in the...

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