observations 2020

  1. POW Hungry

    Observations Alpine Observations 23-27th October

    Post alpine obs here. Storm potential over the Main Range and in the Monaro at the moment on the radar.
  2. Ozgirl

    Observations 12-24th August Observations

    Obs for this range? Just north of Cooma. Now.
  3. POW Hungry

    Observations 2nd-10th August - Hand of Faith

    It wouldn't be an obs thread if it didn't kick off with a Himawari8 Sat grab. Two winter system spanning two coasts - An uncommon occurrence but stranger things have happened in 2020. Watch the comma of cold air (SW of Tassie) head northward today.
  4. POW Hungry

    Observations 24-27th July VIC/NSW Resort Obs

    Tricky one, this one. Not likely to be a lotta love for the Snowies and Vic Alpine. All the same we've currently got an inversion with Cooma warming up outta negs (& precip!?). Still light winds in the resorts at elevation, 10-15km/h in the NSW Resorts.
  5. POW Hungry

    Observations 10-15th Jul Backdoor Betty Obs

    Himawari8 showing some spin cycle through Eastern SA.
  6. POW Hungry

    Observations 1st - 4th July System

    Be rude not to kick the New Fin Year off with a Himawari8 grab from this morning. As the subsiding system heads through the Bight. Albany recording 8.4ºC overnight, a fraction over it's Mean Min Temp for July.
  7. Ozgirl

    Observations 19-23rd June Observations

    blardy cold this morning in downtown Jindy. Big shock from yesterday warm temps. -0.1 on the home weather station and frost of the roof of houses.
  8. POW Hungry

    Observations 13-18th June System Obs

    Perisher and Thredbo on 6 & 3ºC respectively. Long way to go yet but in she comes.
  9. dawooduck

    Observations 30th - 2nd June Snow System

    Wind is picking up, need rain, need snow.
  10. POW Hungry

    Observations Cold Outbreak 3rd - 6th April 2020

    Small area of nasty looking winds tucked in behind the low. 40-45 knot winds at best.