1. CheekyPete

    Opinion Perisher June Long Weekend

    There have definitely been a few years where Perisher hasn't done a great job early in the season, but I feel credit where credit is due this year. They did a great job of opening up quite a bit of terrain to make the most of the good snow - and in doing so - helped keep lines manageable last...
  2. B

    Blue Cow 2022

    Hey guys, When would you expect Blue Cow and Guthega to open up? Seems to be a decent amount of snow forecasted over the next 2 weeks
  3. Mahala

    Perisher or Smiggins lodge membership

    Hi all, We are a young family interested in becoming members of a child-friendly lodge in Perisher or Smiggins. I'd love to hear of any memberships that may be available. :) Thanks!
  4. leemango

    overnight van camping Jindabyne

    Hi guys! Partner and I are headed to Jindy for the winter. We’re riding at Perisher and have a ski tube pass. We’ve got a VW transporter that’s pretty discreet / self sufficient. We have some campsites / caravan sites booked around the place but there’s a few nights we’re unable to find any...
  5. R

    Perisher Tickets and Lessons

    Hey all, I noticed Perisher opened up for sale, but only for June 12-25. We're looking to get three days at Perisher, as we've got two days at Thredbo already in Early August. Does anyone know when they will open up more dates for sale?
  6. Jenlee

    Minibus parking at Perisher?

    Hey guys, first time going to Perisher and was thinking about driving a minibus there (12 seater). Was wondering if anyone knew if there was bus parking on Perisher Valley? I heard there was another option where you can park near Smiggins and catch the free shuttle bus up? Can someone please let...
  7. W

    Perisher To Guthega

    Hey guys, how do I go about skiing from perisher to guthega and how long will it take me?
  8. A

    Advice needed Perisher 2021 & Kids Options in this time of challenge

    Hi Does anyone know if the Discovery Kids ages 3-5 lessons will operate this Perisher season2021? Is there any lessons at smiggins? We are booked for 5 nights. Will we need to take the kids to Perisher for lessons? hoping so ⛷
  9. S

    Accom Offer SKI KAOS: Best Value Jindabyne Holiday Apartments

    Best Value – Jindabyne Holiday Apartments At Ski Kaos we look after several Jindabyne Holiday Apartments ready for your holiday. We Save you Time and Money: We offer the best prices and we have availability when everyone else is full Our properties range from a large studio apartment to a...
  10. salibap15

    Advice needed Perisher or Thredbo

    Hi all, I have only ever been skiing in Victoria or overseas so am wondering which way to go this winter Thredbo or Perisher? I'll be skiing with my daughter who is an intermediate skier. Interested in perspectives on this. Thanks in advance.
  11. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    Trip Report K.N.P./Perisher Valley XC ski trip.Sept. 21 -24th 2019

    Hi . Your correspondent in the field drove a long way in one day over the border to find some Spring snow to ski on. Having reached an over saturation point of XC skiing this season the main motivation was to visit my old friend who is the manager of the Silver Brumby in...
  12. G

    Question Parking near perisher

    How's the parking near perisher resort. Going for tabboganning with kids... Driving from jindabyne... Learnt from couple of ppl that need to reach early in the morning to get parking spot at perisher resort.... Planning to reach there by 9 am.. Is it possible to get parking comfortably near the...
  13. SkiMountaineer

    News Perisher Issues Uphill Access Safety Alert

    Background In recent years there have been more persons accessing the ski area and not using lifts. Non-lift access/uphill access (“uphill access) such as uphill snowshoeing hiking or “skinning” may present high danger of personal injury to participants or others. The ski area is not...
  14. R

    Lodge membership questions Perisher

    Hi, We have moved to Sydney from Melbourne and are looking to join a good lodge at Perisher. Where to start ? Any recommendations ? Does anyone have a membership for sale or are there lodges people know of who are taking new members at present ? Thanks
  15. A

    Advice needed Please help me create my Perisher itinerary to learn snowboarding

    Hello guys and girls, So, I've got a week long snow holiday booked at Perisher in late June. I've snowboarded a total of 3 days in my entire life. Last time I boarded was at Perisher last year where I simply stayed at the beginner's area with the carpet and took 1 lesson. I fell a lot (and...
  16. AJS

    Advice needed Rex + shuttle bus, Sydney to Thredbo (via Cooma)

    Hi all! Looking at costs to borrow a car to drive to Thredbo (return) inc 2-3 tanks petrol + daily NP fees (just to park it for 4 days in overnight parking), all for a solo trip, and it seems like it costs more or less roughly the same to fly Rex and get the shuttle bus. Given I'm close to the...
  17. April

    Seasonal Work

    Hey Guys, Anyone any idea of how Perisher would generally roster a Hotel Reception role? Just worried I will have no time on the snow, and given the crappy wages, if there's no snow time then whats the point really, be better saving in the city for Canada later this year!!. The job description...
  18. flippa

    Advice on Perisher vs Smiggins with Kids

    Hi all, hoping for some advice on a ski trip with 4 young kids (under 6). We usually go to Thredbo but have decided to try somewhere else this time, either Perisher or Smiggins. (We are going to Falls later in the season) We are leaning towards Smiggins because it looks pretty family friendly...
  19. A

    Question about 5 in 7 day lift tickets for Perisher

    Hello guys, I have a question about the 5 day lift ticket. At the moment they are offering 30% discount on early bird purchase. I was wondering if I get the 5 day lift ticket for perisher, can I also use the same lift ticket at Smiggin Holes and Blue Cow if I wanted to experience those resorts...
  20. A

    Advice needed Thredbo, Falls or Perisher for early October?

    Pretty much all in the title, we're looking to head to the snow in the first week of October for a couple of days (I'm aware this is the last week of the ski resorts being open), and I'm wondering where you guys will think the best snow will be at the end of the season. I'm pretty much an...

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