1. M

    Car Pool Is there a carpool FB group or noticeboard for the Jindabyne area?

    I’m working as a lifty for Perisher and don’t have a car. I’m living in East Jindabyne so I’m looking for the best way to get to the skitube everyday. I assume carpooling is the only option as I can’t find anything else.. I also can’t find a group or page for those seeking to rideshare/carpool...
  2. R

    'Transferring' lift pass

    I am moving overseas - my brother is interested in my lift pass, would changing my first name + picture on the website be enough to transfer my pass - Ie would he get pulled up for having someone else's pass Thanks
  3. Ski_mask

    Looking for position @ Perisher

    To skip the story, my question is at the bottom ****** So here's the story, me and my partner are from the UK and have been planning since September 2017 to work a ski season in Aus. She's a ski instructor at a local dry-slope and I volunteer there at weekends to help coach youngster in ski...
  4. O

    Advice needed first trip to Perisher this season

    Hi gang, I'm heading to Perisher for the first time this year (still a while away I know). Just wondering if anyone could help with the following; - accommodation (on mountain vs off mountain) best options? - if staying on mountain, is there a general store/supermarket? - race course locations...
  5. Phebe hansen

    Wanted WTB - onsite permanent van in jindabyne

    Hi guys, Looking to buy an on-site caravan in Jindabyne. Any one looking to sell, or knows where to look to find where to buy would be really appreciated! Thanks heaps. Phebe.
  6. Jasper Schwarz

    How much more Snow??

    How much more snow is needed to open most of perisher Disregarding Olympic and North P Currently snow depth is 20 cm with another 10-20 this week P.S How much snow are we expecting total before the 9th Of July 2017
  7. Neason

    Advice needed Living In Smiggins For The Season

    Hey everyone so I scored a job as a ski instructor at Perisher and will be living in Willow Lodge for the season from the 8th of June (arriving early), I decided against Jindabyne as I'd rather be closer to the slopes and not have the temptation to spend all of my pay check. Anyway I'm from SE...
  8. J

    Ski Lodge Share FOR SALE - Perisher Valley - Gunyah Ski Lodge

    FOR SALE - Gunyak Ski Lodge Share - Perisher Valley NSW Located next to Australian Gold Club and above The Marritz Alpine Inn, nestled within the snowy gum trees. Gunyah is one of Perisher’s best-positioned lodges with great views of front valley, Mt Perisher and more. Gunyah Ski Club owns and...
  9. Neason

    Question Perisher Group Interviews

    Hi, so I've applied for a job as a lifty at Perisher for the upcoming season and have been accepted into the group interview stage. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge as to what my chances are of attaining the job if I've made it this far? Also any tips for the interviewing process...
  10. Coalition_Brands

    Online KARBON & ROSSIGNOL Outerwear Sale all reduced!!!

    Free shipping,
  11. M

    Question Tobogganing in Perisher what time of year?

    Hi, Sorry I know this is probably going to be a silly question - Is it still possible to go Tobogganing at Perisher in September/October? Ie. Will there still be snow on the Tobogganing/Snow Play / Tube Town area? (I'm not sure when the snow melts or if they use snow machines in that area.)...
  12. F

    Advice needed Working in Perisher 2016: pay, hours & living

    I know there's a few threads with this title already but even older threads from previous seasons haven't really addressed the questions I've got. So I just did my online interview for a non-certified ski instructor position, in which it looks like you get APSI accredited before starting the...
  13. J

    Looking at working at Perisher (or similar) 2016 snow season

    Hi guys, My name is Jen and I'm 26 years old. I am potentially looking into working a snow season down at perisher or anywhere else in that region. I have worked in childcare for over 7 years and would be applying to work in the child minding area. I have a few questions that I wanted to ask...
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