1. hpt

    Trip Report Mt Feathertop Winter Ascent and Razorback Hike

    Hi guys, Just letting you all know I've put a new trip report with lots of photos. I am normally rock climbing when I am outdoors but I wanted to gain some alpine experience so I bought my first snow-shoes and decided to jump in the deep end. This trip was my first multi-day hike and first...
  2. Total Whiteout

    Question Camping on Bon Accord Spur...

    Heading up to Feathertop on the weekend to introduce some mates to hiking. Heading up the Bungalow on Friday, staying at Fed Friday night (or possibly MUMC) then plan is to have a cruisy day along the Razorback on Saturday, and head down the Bon Accord back to Harrietville on the Sunday. My...
  3. Total Whiteout

    Question MUMC Hut

    Gonna do the feathertop and razorback via the bungalow spur with a couple mates soon. Does anyone know if MUMC Hut gets as busy as Federation Hut? I'm assuming / hoping it'd be a much quieter place to pitch the tent.
  4. K

    Twin Knobs (west face) & top of Champion Spur - anyone skied them?

    Gazing fondly at the south face of the Champion Spur (where it collides with the Razorback) & the western face of the Twin Knobs & High Knob last weekend, I was wondering if anyone has skied these slopes? They are just about steep enough, although the climb back out looks like it would be tough.

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