1. AJS

    Thredbo restaurant reports, reviews and pics. Rona edition.

    Because eating is fun, and eating at the snow is even funner! Starting a thread to post all things Thredbo restaurant related for 2020... At this stage our beloved (for all things schnapps) Black Sallees have already announced they won't be opening this season, but hopefully they're the only...
  2. sastrugi

    Suggestion Restaurants in Thredbo Village 2022

    Hi team, we're heading off in 10 days and getting excited now... I'm even making an effort to get fit again ;) For those of you who have been in the Village so far this season, what's good to book for dinner? Last year we had good meals at Ullr, Burger Bar and Black Bear. It's been many years...
  3. S

    Question Quality restaurant for special occasion. Yama or Tsubo or ?

    Hi, looking for recommendations for restaurants on mountain or dinner plain. Looking for a high end experience for a very special occasion and interested in opinions on two Japanese places Yama Kitchen & Bar and Tsubo (dinner plain). Can anyone recommend? Any other options I can consider? Thanks...
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