1. POW Hungry

    Predictions 11-13th September

    Well it's coming together. Both GFS & EC have some spark left in the season yet. Looks slidey AF, but trending positively. Has potential for a 10-25cm fall IMO. But to keep expectations in check, right now it's sitting in the 5cm camp. Smells like a Baw Baw/Buller special IMO. EC: GFS:
  2. POW Hungry

    Predictions 29-30 Sep Light Dose

    Saturday morning will see a cold front clip the Alps, bringing ~5cm IMO. It's moving swiftly due to the trailing ridge so the clearing trend will be quick. Snow down to 1300m, cleared out by Saturday midday IMO EC GFS
  3. POW Hungry

    Predictions 24-28 September Last Hurrah

    All major models are signalling a deep polar outbreak for this date range. Prefrontal appears unavoidable as it draws in an inland heat trough ahead of the system. Dates are slipping quite a bit but look likely to impact the alps from the 24th. Good solid hook on it. Low level snow likely. If...
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