shiga kogen

  1. S

    Question Shibu Onsen experience and transport?

    Thinking of doing 2 nights in Shibu Onsen with the family next season on the way to Nozawa Onsen. Any recommendations for: accommodation (ryokan I guess) in Shibu Onsen? And tips/tricks for transport from Hokuriku-sen to Shibu Onsen; and onward from Shibu Onsen to Nozawa (that looks hard...
  2. elSpike

    Trip Report elSpike's Ski Ski 2020 - Shiga Kogen and Myoko

    The hype is real! We are just 23 days until team elSpike take off from warm and humid Singapore, which means it is time for me to start my, now, annual traditional trip report thread. I got so many positive responses last time that I decided to do the same format of daily trip reporting as the...
  3. Hyst

    Shiga Kogen 2019/2020 & 2020/2021

    @MrT comes and goes staying in Nozawa. 29. Dec. - 8. Jan. Mrs. & Mr @elSpike + Messers 14 yr. and 11 yr. staying at Chalet Shiga, Ichinose. 2. Jan. - 10. Jan. Mrs. & Mr. @silva + Mstr. 10, staying at Aspen Siga. 10. Jan - 18. Jan. @Willy + Mr. 19 and Miss 17 staying at Prince West...
  4. S

    Hotel Shiga Sunvalley or Hotel Khuls

    Hello, has anyone stayed at either of these hotels in the last couple of years? Would you rate them, when did you stay, was it busy in the hotel and on the runs with school groups? Thank you.
  5. S

    Booking now for Shiga Kogen Ichonose areas February 2020 - too early?

    Hello, this forum has been so useful so thank you everyone. We are planning to go to Shiga Kogen - Ichonose Diamond or Ichonose Family in February 2020. For online bookings everything appears unavailable through Feb and March and a travel agent told us many places don't take bookings until...
  6. B

    Question Gear Hire at Shiga Kogen

    Does anyone have insight into the best place to rent gear moderately cheaply at Shiga? What is the quality like, is it worth renting the high quality gear? We're both intermediate to advanced skiers, but we don't want to spend too much. Also, how easy is it to ski between the different areas of...
  7. B

    Question Mobile Reception at Shiga Kogen

    Does anyone have any insight into how good the reception is at Shiga? I had a look for a coverage map but didn't find one easily. I'm thinking we'll get Docomo data SIMs so we can stay in touch while travelling, but it would be good if we could use them to organise ourselves while skiing too...

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