1. stridercdh

    Sold Osprey Kode 30L Snow Pack $50 ONO

    I'm selling my Osprey Kode snow pack. Only $50 ONO. 30L capacity with M/L backpanel length. Has served me well for my day tours but I've not used it for a couple of seasons. Great for carrying skis/board plus snow shovel, warm layers and food/water. From : "The Osprey Kode 30...
  2. H

    Im Going Skiing for the first time!!

    Im going skiing next winter to a place called Perisher Ski Resort. I honestly cant wait :love::love: What should I take with me or something I should buy before I go. Cheers, Harry:)
  3. M

    Do I have a chance at competitive skiing?

    I just turned 14 and would love to compete in skiing. I ski every year for one week and I have never tried training skiing for real. I live in Croatia so it's kind of a problem to ski. We have maybe 2 proper ski resorts (both with 5km of ski trails). I also live 170km away (2 hour drive) from...
  4. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    News Fresh snow at Scotland's ski locations!22.3.20
  5. BoshkoN

    Advice needed Advice for choosing the right skis.

    Hello everyone!!! I am a relatively good skier according to trainers and other people who have seen me. My problem is this: I've got my old Nordica Gransport 14 2008 model. I love them, I have used them for a long time and they were absolutely perfect for my style. They are almost new, because...
  6. S

    Niseko alone for a week?

    My mate and me planned to go Niseko boarding on the 3rd Jan until 10th, have booked everything but last week he crashed his motorbike and injured his shoulder and foot and now can’t go. 1 week alone in Niseko will it still be good fun or depressing? Thoughts?
  7. N

    First time skiing Niseko tips

    Hi, My family of 3 (52, 27 and 23yo) has booked to stay in Niseko from Jan2-7 in 2020 and it will be our very first time skiing! We would really appreciate if anyone has advice about the ski schools there and which slopes/mountain area we should go to/ get lift passes for! Our hotel suggested...
  8. E

    Question XTM Pants Shredded

    At the end of May I purchased a new pair of ski pants in preparation for the coming season. Up to that point I'd been wearing a pair of waterproof pants that are not designed for skiing. I purchased a pair of XTM pants for ~$200. I have had four ski days in them and they're destroyed. It looks...
  9. Sage O

    Question This season’s plans (2019)

    Continuing on from last year, what are peoples plans for the upcoming season? We're hoping to get down to Thredbo most weekends as per usual and will be camping this time round in an attempt to better facilitate chasing freshies. Also booked for a week in Queenstown in September to mix things...
  10. A

    Trip Report On Kiroro

    I've been a fan of these these forums for a long time. They have become my first stop for anything and everything skiing/adventure - they are great. The one thing that I always struggle with is whenever I'm looking for info on a specific place. For places like larger more well known places...
  11. Bogong

    Ski distance record for Western Australia broken.

    I've been pottering away researching my latest ski history and I came across a link to: Skier revels in ‘biggest WA snowfall in years’ at Bluff Knoll near Albany. Well there was only one skier, but on 2 August 2018 he extended the W.A. ski distance record from 4 metres to... 4.51 metres. The...
  12. B

    Advice needed What is the spyder Protect jacket?

    Hi, I have come across a Spyder Protect Jacket online. It seems to be a good price and I know Spyder is a reputable brand. However, I am unable to find any information on the "Protect" jacket model elsewhere, including the spyder website. I was wondering if anyone would know why this is the...
  13. B

    Advice needed Ski backpack

    Hey guys, I want to buy a backpack for skiing, i want it to be not too big(20-26L) but include: a ski carry (A or diagonal), and helmet carry, and as much water resistance. I did my research and basically came up with those brands: Osprey, BlackDiamond, Dakine. Can you recommend me on a skii...
  14. J

    News Research Project

    Hi I am undertaking a research study investigating visitors use of the backcountry and wilderness areas of Kosciuszko National Park during the snow season. This includes those who are skiing or riding outside of the resort boundaries. If you have been on a backcountry trip this snow season in...
  15. Bluestar

    Advice needed Graduating to blue runs

    I'm getting back into skiing after a few years off and am working at perisher for the season. I've spent the last week and a bit getting my legs back and thanks to the Telemark run I think I'm ready to move back to blues again now that I've got my confidence back. But I'm in no hurry so I was...
  16. D

    Opinion Ski Goggle Lenses

    Im going skiing these school holidays and was looking to purchase a relatively inexpensive pair of ski goggles to wear over my prescription glasses (OTG) I have decided on the frame i like but just need help with which lenses to go with. I have issues with both glare and low light with my eyes...
  17. O

    Media Release Welcome to Australia's newest online destination for the best snow deals Over 50% off some products! is about getting the whole snow experience cheaper than you may get when paying at the counter. will have deals from Ski & Snowboard equipment, accommodation, rental & more. Deals go live every Wednesday at...
  18. JacksonBrowne

    Accessories Skiers Edge

  19. Coalition_Brands

    Event Boxing Day Sale - Everything Selling At Cost Price!

    Get out your gloves people!! This is the biggest sale Coalition Brands has done!! Starting today all stock is at cost prices. 625 Chapel st South Yarra ((plenty of parking at rear)) We close the doors on Chapel St on the 27th December for good, so this is your last chance to pick up a wicked deal.

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