1. Steve777

    NSW/ACT Cold Front and ECL - August 23-25

    Our lengthy spell of mild, sunny weather comes to an end tomorrow. Winter has a sting in its tail. Tomorrow August 23 will be warm once again, but an unstable air mass will move across our region, resulting in widespread showers and thunderstorms across much of NSW/ACT. This will be followed by...
  2. A

    Snow shapes resistant to rising temperatures

    Any amount of snow will last longer when compressed together rather than loose on the ground. That's why we may occasionally see a snowman next to grass, that was covered with snow (and has since melted). I would like to build a snowman, or a snow structure, that can withstand much longer than...
  3. Steve777

    NSW/ACT Cold outbreak with widespread snow - August 21-24, 2020

    The models are lined up for a significant cold outbreak starting from tomorrow Thursday August 20 into early next week. Weather patterns have reverted to a more normal August pattern, with the highs up North, deep low pressure to the South and strong W-SW winds over SE Australia including NSW...
  4. Mister Tee on XC Skis

    News Fresh snow at Scotland's ski locations!22.3.20
  5. Wavey

    Observations NSW Widespread snow event- 8th to 11th August 2019

    Every time I have been looking at the models, I look in complete disbelief at what the models are suggesting. At this stage, it is an incredibly complex event which comes in a few stages as bursts of very cold air fling up to hit the CT's and NT's. The 00z run of GFS is complete insanity, with...
  6. Steve777

    Eastern Snow Thread

    I have started this thread as a place to discuss snow events that affect the Eastern & Marine region, including forecasts, reports, discussion and pictures. Snow that falls in the following areas could be reported here, including: Canberra, NSW Southern Tablelands & Highlands, NSW Central...
  7. Glenn1er

    Snow conditions in late August

    Hey guys was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on the historical snow conditions for the last week of August?? How much of the resort is open at that time usually as well? Thanks!
  8. G

    Advice needed Sleeping bags: Spinifex vs Blackwolf

    hi. I’ve never slept in the snow before. I’m about to go on a 5night school ski trip. I only have a kiddie sleeping bag so I am upgrading. I need one rated to -5 degrees Celsius. I want to get a good quality one, but I definitely don’t need the top end super expensive stuff as though I...
  9. snowgum

    Question SUV Tyres good for Snow/Highway?

    Howdy, I have 2007 Toyota Kluger AWD, with tyre size 245/55/19. I'd be appreciative of any suggestions for good replacements. (Sorry SnowTyres we don't want to buy dedicated winter tyres) Ability (grip etc...) on snow and wet/dry pavement is very important. Handling and low noise is also...
  10. stridercdh

    SnowPorn Interactive views of the Australian Alps

    Hi All, I just stumbled across this great collection of interactive alpine views to help ease my SDS. Many of you may have seen this page before. Amazing aerial shots of some iconic backcountry and familiar ski resorts. Enjoy. :)...
  11. K

    Question Snow in lowlands

    Hi I am posting to find a starting point for some research for an art project. Myself and my partner want to photograph horses in the snow around the Victorian alpine region or even the snowy mountain region. We are not sure where to start looking for farmland that would get enough for a...
  12. Coalition_Brands

    Online KARBON & ROSSIGNOL Outerwear Sale all reduced!!!

    Free shipping,
  13. S

    Snow Report April 2016 Japan - Where's the Best Snow?

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forums, I hope I'm doing this right? My wife and I are taking our two small kids to Japan for a one-week ski trip from 9 April to 16 April 2016, so only a few weeks away. We've never been, and other than having nothing booked yet (!), we don't know where the best snow...
  14. Thechaoticpanda

    SnowPorn Video Covering Lebanese Slopes

    Hello fellow snow lovers , this is my first skiing video in Lebanon , covering "Faraya Piste Warde " . Hope you guys enjoy it . Would like to know your comments. Thanks.
  15. Coalition_Brands

    Event One day ONLY Sale… Wednesday 18th November... NOW EXTENDED

    Coalition Brands One Day ONLY SALE!!!!! Everything & we mean EVERYTHING has been reduced… This is a one time don't miss out we are clearing the floors to move into our new stores!!! If you are traveling or just looking for deals for next season do not miss your chance we will open the doors...
  16. Y

    Ski and Snowboard simulators

    Our company Proleski, produces Endless ski slopes! This is an awesome technology! You can both learn to ride and practice Your technique I would like to find some people who would be interested to Make Club as on the video: Soon there would be Olympic games in China and we are looking for...
  17. Y

    Ski and Snowboard simulators

    Hello to Everyone) I am the snowboard instructor and have been riding for 8 Years I would like to know Your opinion about Tris staff Ski simulators, maybe someone tried and can express the emotions Is there any places in Australia to have a try?
  18. Nathaniel Santos

    JAPAN 2015. (Hakuba, Kyoto, Tokyo)

    Hey everyone, first time on this forum. Just wanna post up the video I made earlier in the year when I travelled to Japan with a group of friends in Jan/ Feb 2015. Planning on traveling back to Japan in Jan 2016! Tokyo, Myoko/ Madarao & Hakuba is the plan. Hope to get to know some of you's on...

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