1. Mark_435

    Question Opinions on snowboard boot stiffness vs flex.

    I’m going the Burton step on and the 2 boot choices I have are the Ion and the Swath. I’ve run the standard Ions for the past 5 or 6 years and never had a problem. I see that the Ion is rated as a stiffer boot than the Swath, are there any benefits to me going to the more flexible boot or...
  2. D

    Snowboard Burton Chicklet Snowboard 126 and Burton Citizen Bindings Small.

    Burton Chicklet Board 126 in very good condition and just been fully serviced. Burton Citizen bindings, Small in very good condition. Brisbane pickup only. $170 ono.
  3. aceozski

    Clothing Holden Men’s Skinny Denim Snowboard Pants 20k/20k water resistance

    Up for sale is a brand new pair of Holden Skinny denim dark indigo snowboard/ski pants Designed to look like you just came out of a club instead of regular ski/snowboard gear that is puffy and bulky this pair of pants will also provide very high levels of water repellency and breathability. It...
  4. Bruuuueeeeyyy

    What season pass to get for Honshu?

    Hey there, I've just moved to Tokyo and am counting down the days till the white stuff starts falling from the skies. I'm looking to buy a season pass but am going round in circles of which group of mountains to go for. Myoko, Nozawa, Hakuba? So far I'm favouring Myoko but was hoping to hear...
  5. L

    Patagonia ski week Survey

    Hi!! Imagine skiing and partying in the bests ski resorts in Patagonia and South America with people from all arround the world. Sounds good right?!! My friends and I are woking on a college proyect and it would be great to know what you and your friends think about! Could you please answer and...
  6. M

    Hiring gear in Hakuba

    Hey all, I'm heading to Hakuba for a couple of weeks in January and will need to hire gear. Doing a bit of research beforehand and it seems that Rhythm is generally the most recommended hire shop (correct me if i'm wrong). However, when looking through their website at prices etc for hiring, it...
  7. Interruptedbyfireworks

    Advice needed New snowboard boots - for improving turns

    I'm looking for some recommendations for medium-stiff women's snowboard boots. For background, my current Burton Starstrucks (I think 2015 or maybe 2016 model) I got on sale a few years ago for less than a day's lift pass. My primary criteria that day was budget and aesthetics, so my heels lift...
  8. A

    Question Snowboard binding set up Guru's in Jindabyne/Sydney for someone with knee problems

    I bought my first snowboard + bindings a couple of weeks ago from Rhythm when I was there and the person setting up asked me I wanted my bindings set at and I said something neutral as I am a beginner and still learning so asked her for 15/-15 which is what I've read online as to be duck and...
  9. Yo Leo

    Advice needed Thoughts on standard lacing system - Snowboard boots

    Tried my new Burton Moto with BOA system for the past weekend but unfortunately it didn't suit my feet very well. To briefly explain I have sort of wide, flat and high feet and at the end of the second day I got numbness toes and couldn't barely walk on my boots. Anyway, I went to a board shop...
  10. A

    Question Where to ski/snowboard for beginners

    Hi guys, I have planned a one week trip to Snowy mountains this winter (end of june - hoping there's enough snow by then). I have been to snowy mountains once last year for 3 days (snowboarded for 2 days) but haven't learned properly. Went to perisher last time and found their beginners area a...
  11. wtickn

    News You can get more float in powder with your normal board.

    Hi all, I'm sorry if this comes across as a little 'spam-y' since this is my first post and, full disclosure up front, I am about to recommend my own company to you. But, I have been thinking for a while that my invention would have a good place in the AU market since you guys don't get heaps...
  12. Harry James

    Question Anyone want to come into the Backcountry in Whistler

    Hey Crew. I'm in Whistler from the 3rd to the 10th and looking for a buddy or crew to hit the BC, side or even main resort. BC prefered. I can either split or bootpack. I won't slow you down. Here with my wife who prefers to apré. Looking to hit the slopes with some advanced intermediates to...
  13. S

    Question Beginner - Buy or Rent

    Hi guys, I'm a beginner, just started snowboarding in Yuzawa this year - I would say my skill level is just up to linking turns and I'm looking forward to my trip to Hakuba in mid-Jan. I currently see a deal for a Ride Rapture (2017) board and LXH bindings for about US$350, and I'm wondering...
  14. Interruptedbyfireworks

    Advice needed Should scratches still be visible after a tune?

    I took my board into the local ski shop this week since I got some scratches at Thredbo last weekend, and after picking it up today the scratches are still more visible than I expected. The guy at the shop said he didn’t think they needed p-tex, and did a minor tune. I’ve never taken it in for...
  15. Interruptedbyfireworks

    Advice needed Blue runs at Thredbo when only part of the mountain is open

    Hey everyone! I am an intermediate snowboarder, and I’m looking for some advice about what runs to start with this weekend, noting that not everything will be open. My level: I went to Thredbo for the first time last weekend and did a lesson up at Cruiser. I was comfortable with Ballroom, and...
  16. B

    In need of old skis and boards!

    Im desperately looking for some old/broken skis and boards for a party. Don’t mind paying a small fee but would appreciate donations! If anyone has any/knows a site where I can find some it would be greatly appreciated! :)
  17. BrewerGrrrrrl

    Sold Lamar Board 144cm Girls/Womens Boots s8 and bag

    $150 Lamar Snowboard, bindings. K2 boots, billabong bag
  18. B

    Gray Snowboards Japan

    Hey Guys, I'm going back to Japan late Jan. 2018 and am looking to buy a Gray (Desperado Ti) Snowboard, any suggestions on specific stockists in Tokyo? I'll head to Kanda Ogawa-cho, but there are roughly 40 sport storesin the area, so if someone can save me some shoe leather and recommend a...
  19. H

    Snowboard Package Deals Online

    Hi all, Looking for some advice on online snowboard package deals. Snowboarded for the first time in 2016 at Hakuba and loved it. Now booking jan 2018 in Shiga Kogen. thinking of buying all my gear rather than hiring as will be likely many more trips in the future. Have seen two beginner...
  20. weski

    I created WeSki - an on-mountain directions app for family ski trips

    Here's the link ( It's only available for iOS right now, and I only have a few AU/NZ resorts up so far, but I hope to add more soon. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to request resorts or features here, and I'll try to accommodate!