1. T

    Any board builders with extra base?

    Heya, I'm building a pair of boards - a split and a regular and cocked up my cut. I desperately need another 160cm of base to finish the splitboard. I'm using Durasurf 4001, but am open to possibilities if someone has something different. Should anyone has extra they don't need, I'll forever...
  2. S

    Niseko alone for a week?

    My mate and me planned to go Niseko boarding on the 3rd Jan until 10th, have booked everything but last week he crashed his motorbike and injured his shoulder and foot and now can’t go. 1 week alone in Niseko will it still be good fun or depressing? Thoughts?
  3. A

    Advice needed Please help me create my Perisher itinerary to learn snowboarding

    Hello guys and girls, So, I've got a week long snow holiday booked at Perisher in late June. I've snowboarded a total of 3 days in my entire life. Last time I boarded was at Perisher last year where I simply stayed at the beginner's area with the carpet and took 1 lesson. I fell a lot (and...
  4. Sash

    Ski Season 2019 Queenstown & Instructor Course

    Hey all, So i'm currently based in Auckland. I'm on a 1 year WHV from Ireland. I have a few questions that i'd love if someone can help me out with. I know the 2018 season has not even finished yet but i want to know what season pass i'm going with to buy the early bird. Question 1: I...
  5. Allforoneoneforall

    Shred BC Vic and falls /hotham after people to meet to shred with

    Firstly thanks to ones reading. This is my first post,joined today ( i wonder if this will even work )//// Im after people to meet up with in BC V.I.C or meet falls creek Mt hotham .to board with,trip with and biggest of all HEAD BC TO build n find those magic features..... Willing to have an...
  6. P

    Advice needed Advice for a first time international snowboarder :)

    Hi guys, First time posting on the forum, about my first time travelling overseas to snowboard! I am planning on heading over to Canada at the end of January, and wanted to get some advice on a few things. My vague plan at the moment was to fly over and spend a few days at Banff, then head to...
  7. Snow-balle

    Backcountry Crew

    Hi guys, Heading to japan for 2016 season for my first time. Going to purchase / hire a van and tour most ski areas. Im an all round rider, mix it up between backcountry, resort riding, park and free ride. I have level 1 avalanche safety. Have one seasons back country exprience in south...
  8. Y

    Ski and Snowboard simulators

    Hello to Everyone) I am the snowboard instructor and have been riding for 8 Years I would like to know Your opinion about Tris staff Ski simulators, maybe someone tried and can express the emotions Is there any places in Australia to have a try?