1. POW Hungry

    Trip Report A visit to the Western Faces 24-25th August

    An account of a brief sojourn out back last month - our only real chance at classic mid-winter conditions for 2020. I don't consider myself a writer but I felt the need to put some words together. https://www.tysonmillar.com/blogged/2020/9/6/one-shot-winter I also did a brief side-country visit...
  2. Harry James

    Wanted Complete Splitboard Set Up 158 to 161

    Hey Frothers. Looking for a split board. Range from 158 to 161. Looking to get the whole kit if I can. Board, Bindings, Skins, Poles. I think that will do me. If you have one that you are looking to shift, let me know. Also, I have a load of gear I can swap if you want, but if not. Happy to part...
  3. Kelly van den Berg

    Question Touring tents ?

    Hi peeps I’m looking for a quality 1P 4 seasons tent for splitboard touring. I currently have a Mont Epoch 2P which is great for bigger trips but the weight is a killer for me. Currently looking at the MSR Access, Wilderness Equipt Space 1 winter or WE Second Arrow. Like I said weight is a...
  4. Harry James

    Outdoor Gear WANTED: Used Splitboard - 156,157,158

    Looking for a used splitboard with all the trimmings. I want the board, bindings etc. Everyting I would need to pick it up and start.
  5. Ohio

    Riding/Camping alone isn't as fun

    Hey guys, just found this forum. I'm a splitboarder looking for people to ride with this weekend, plan on hiking from Charlotte Pass to the main range on Saturday morning and camping there 'til Tuesday arv. I'm hoping to hit whatever steeps look rideable. This will be my third annual split and...
  6. PiedPiper

    Mt Stirling on Saturday

    Was very wet driving up, hoping for the temps to do go down as i approached the mountains but no such luck :( got my stuff together after meeting a few other desparado's in the carpark, surprised to see so many other split-boarders up there. anyway off i set, at the first main junction...
  7. Snow-balle

    Backcountry Crew

    Hi guys, Heading to japan for 2016 season for my first time. Going to purchase / hire a van and tour most ski areas. Im an all round rider, mix it up between backcountry, resort riding, park and free ride. I have level 1 avalanche safety. Have one seasons back country exprience in south...
  8. piolet

    the BC chatter thread

    Well, a few other forums have their BBQ threads etc, I just thought that maybe we could have one going in here? Just for all those little bits and pieces etc... One thing it could be handy for is why I this up; As I pack up the car to head down for the weekend, I was thinking if anyone has been...

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