1. Steve777

    Sydney (Observatory Hill) Comparison site

    The Sydney Observatory Hill Comparison site (No 66214) has been up and running for nearly three years. It was discussed from time to time on Weatherzone and has popped up once or twice here. While it would be mainly of interest to Sydney weather geeks, it does show how the characteristics of a...
  2. POW Hungry

    Opinion "July is the old September in Sydney"

    So our mates over WZ went bold with this 'statement' headline, indicating the Sydney seasons are back to front in recent years. And given the last few non-seasonal days in Sydney, I doubt there's much argument in that. But it seems these dry Westerlies are only paying dividends of a...
  3. S

    Wanted A pair of reasonably modern secondhand skis

    Hey, my SO has done a couple weeks of skiing now, and likes it enough she's decided to buy skis instead of borrowing/renting. Lucky me! Said I'd look for a secondhand pair in the $2-250 range. Length about 170. Her boots (she got new fitted boots last year, don't worry) are size 26.5. Pickup...
  4. TJswish

    Car Pool Sydney to Falls in May?

    Anyone driving down from Sydney (or via Sydney) this month? I start work on the 30th and can convince some nice friends or family to drop me down there but if someone is heading that way, let me know and I'll chip in for gas / help drive if you want. I'll be working for the lift co (2nd season)...

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