tasman low

  1. Untele-whippet

    Observations July 2020 Tasman Low

    4C, looks like sago coming down now, probably hail. A bleak day today.
  2. POW Hungry

    Observations 10-15th Jul Backdoor Betty Obs

    Himawari8 showing some spin cycle through Eastern SA.
  3. POW Hungry

    Predictions 13-16th July Tasman Low (NSW Coast)

    Lining up on LWT modeling is the potential for a cradled low scenario to form this weekend as it enters the Tasman. Given it forms from an ULL it has the potential for severe local damage as a result of the slow-moving cradled-low set-up. Global models paiting a grim mid-range picture at the...
  4. POW Hungry

    Storm NSW Thunderstorms Mon-Tues 17-18FEB

    A trough remains through Central NSW tomorrow (Monday). But Tuesday looks to be the real feature of potentially severe TS activity, with an upper level trough interacting with the NSW-anchored surface trough. Deep layer shear is present with the movement of the ULL on Tuesday morning, which...
  5. K

    Cyclone Ex-TC Uesi/Tasman Low 14-16th Feb

    Snapper Rocks on the Gold Coast yesterday afternoon as magnificently captured by gleno71 and posted in the SE QLD/NE NSW event thread. Various wave buoys along the southern QLD coast registered the increasing Hsig, max wave heights, and periods quite nicely.
  6. Fast Eddie

    Cyclone Ex-TC Tasman Low 13-15th FEB impacting NSW/SE QLD

    ECL or wandering cyclone?

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