thredbo 2018

  1. Domon

    Question Recent snow condition in the Thredbo Diggings or Ngarigo campground

    Hi, I plan to camp at the Thredbo Diggings or Ngarigo campground this weekend. The weather forecast looks good but I'm just wondering whether it could be covered by snow. I camped at Thredbo Diggings in summer before but not winter. Will it be hard to drive inside the campgrounds without an...
  2. Harry James

    Trip Report Double Room Available Aug 3rd to 5th

    Hey, I've got a double room available in Thredbo. Checking in Friday, August 3rd and checking out Sunday, August 5th. It's located at the Magpies Nest in the village. PDF Attached of the property. $800 for the double room for the two nights. Assuming this will be two people sharing. The other...
  3. sastrugi

    Suggestion Restaurants in Thredbo Village 2022

    Hi team, we're heading off in 10 days and getting excited now... I'm even making an effort to get fit again ;) For those of you who have been in the Village so far this season, what's good to book for dinner? Last year we had good meals at Ullr, Burger Bar and Black Bear. It's been many years...
  4. Harry James

    Advice needed Buying Property In Thredbo

    Hey Team, I'm sure this has been asked many times, and I've tossed and turned about buying in Thredbo as an investment but wanting to use the place as well for weekends when I need. I've read a few forums and they say that there is no money to be made. It will just cover your costs for the year...
  5. POW Hungry

    Question Month Long Accom - Thredbo '18

    Exploring options to live in Thredbo throughout July/August next season (I have 365 pass). Planning to report and shoot in Thredbo for the month or so. Anybody aware of any lodges who need supportive management for the month? Or alternatively are there any that provide long term accom for this...
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