1. tantricShred

    Splitboard rental at Thredbo

    Hi all, Can anyone share the best options for renting splitboard gear up at Thredbo this year? Up there for a week and I'm keen to try a couple of days of BC!
  2. S

    Advice needed New driving to thredbo help

    Hi All, It will be the first time going to thredbo hopefully this winter. I was initially going to stay in Jindy and get a bus shuttle from there to thredbo. But now i’m considering driving but worried about driving conditions. I’ve been googling up for a few months based on methods and...
  3. S

    Accom Offer Last Minute Accommodation: Thredbo and Jindabyne

    Last Minute Accommodation Lists: Thredbo and Jindabyne (updated at least weekly) At Ski Kaos we manage & offer many other Thredbo Apartments and Chalets ready for your holiday See this direct link for our updated last minute accommodation lists...
  4. S

    Accom Offer SKI KAOS: Best Value Jindabyne Holiday Apartments

    Best Value – Jindabyne Holiday Apartments At Ski Kaos we look after several Jindabyne Holiday Apartments ready for your holiday. We Save you Time and Money: We offer the best prices and we have availability when everyone else is full Our properties range from a large studio apartment to a...
  5. S

    Travel Offer SKI KAOS: Ski Kaos Thredbo Snow Trips

    Ski Kaos’ Thredbo Bargain Snow Trips Stay in Thredbo from $350 including accommodation and bus Check out our Ski Kaos snow trips! --- Ski Kaos run bargain bus trips to the snow --- Our trips boast the best prices and the most fun --- Our trips cater to everybody – singles, couples...
  6. AJS

    Thredbo restaurant reports, reviews and pics. Rona edition.

    Because eating is fun, and eating at the snow is even funner! Starting a thread to post all things Thredbo restaurant related for 2020... At this stage our beloved (for all things schnapps) Black Sallees have already announced they won't be opening this season, but hopefully they're the only...
  7. salibap15

    Advice needed Perisher or Thredbo

    Hi all, I have only ever been skiing in Victoria or overseas so am wondering which way to go this winter Thredbo or Perisher? I'll be skiing with my daughter who is an intermediate skier. Interested in perspectives on this. Thanks in advance.
  8. D

    Cruiser area - a bit hard for beginners?

    I'm a beginner and have skied only a couple of times before. I went up the Merritts chairlift this time and found it to be a bit hard for beginners. Can someone tell me how the green runs in the Cruiser area - Walkabout and Squatters Run compare to the green or blue runs in other resorts overseas?
  9. LaNeige

    Trip Report Thredbo Side Country 2019

    I think we did this a couple of years ago and it would be worth kicking off again. So here it goes. As reported in the main 2019 Thredbo thread, I went for a wander up to Signature Hill this morning. Snow was good up high, where it hadn't been blown away. Smooth and silky, and perhaps boot deep...
  10. AJS

    Advice needed Rex + shuttle bus, Sydney to Thredbo (via Cooma)

    Hi all! Looking at costs to borrow a car to drive to Thredbo (return) inc 2-3 tanks petrol + daily NP fees (just to park it for 4 days in overnight parking), all for a solo trip, and it seems like it costs more or less roughly the same to fly Rex and get the shuttle bus. Given I'm close to the...
  11. A

    Advice needed Thredbo, Falls or Perisher for early October?

    Pretty much all in the title, we're looking to head to the snow in the first week of October for a couple of days (I'm aware this is the last week of the ski resorts being open), and I'm wondering where you guys will think the best snow will be at the end of the season. I'm pretty much an...
  12. Harry James

    Trip Report Double Room Available Aug 3rd to 5th

    Hey, I've got a double room available in Thredbo. Checking in Friday, August 3rd and checking out Sunday, August 5th. It's located at the Magpies Nest in the village. PDF Attached of the property. $800 for the double room for the two nights. Assuming this will be two people sharing. The other...
  13. Glenn1er

    Snow conditions in late August

    Hey guys was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on the historical snow conditions for the last week of August?? How much of the resort is open at that time usually as well? Thanks!
  14. sastrugi

    Suggestion Restaurants in Thredbo Village 2022

    Hi team, we're heading off in 10 days and getting excited now... I'm even making an effort to get fit again ;) For those of you who have been in the Village so far this season, what's good to book for dinner? Last year we had good meals at Ullr, Burger Bar and Black Bear. It's been many years...
  15. F

    Question Ski School During School Holidays

    Just wondering if Thredbo's ski school (especially Freeriders) tends to book out in the school holidays? I vaguely recall seeing something last year that at Perisher people were missing out because they were full. I don't normally go in the school holidays, and have always booked the day...
  16. Interruptedbyfireworks

    Advice needed Blue runs at Thredbo when only part of the mountain is open

    Hey everyone! I am an intermediate snowboarder, and I’m looking for some advice about what runs to start with this weekend, noting that not everything will be open. My level: I went to Thredbo for the first time last weekend and did a lesson up at Cruiser. I was comfortable with Ballroom, and...
  17. Total Whiteout

    Question Hiring for Kozzie

    Heading to Kozzie this weekend. Have heard the snow is ok. I'm flying to Canberra on Friday so I won't have my usual stix. Where's the best place to hire XC gear in Jindy / Thredbo? And would people recommend getting the Scenic Chairlift up from Thredbo? Or should we walk / ski from...
  18. Interruptedbyfireworks

    Question Chains for driving to Thredbo

    Hi everyone, I am going to drive up to Thredbo over the next few days/this weekend, during which time the weather looks like it is going to be pretty crazy. I have an AWD, so as far as I’m aware I don’t legally need to carry chains to drive just to Thredbo (coming from Jindy direction)...
  19. B

    Question Looking for a private Ski trainer in Thredbo (19-20 June 2018)

    Hi, We are a group of 4 adults and 2 young children looking for a private ski trainer in Thredbo for June 19 - June 20 2018 (2 half or full days). Anyone who can train us, we prefer private class which is free and easy than group training. Regards, Beginner Ski Enthusiast
  20. Harry James

    Advice needed Buying Property In Thredbo

    Hey Team, I'm sure this has been asked many times, and I've tossed and turned about buying in Thredbo as an investment but wanting to use the place as well for weekends when I need. I've read a few forums and they say that there is no money to be made. It will just cover your costs for the year...
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