1. R

    Advice needed Working Holiday Banff 2021/22

    Hi all, I think this is the right page of the forum to post this in but if not, let me know. I am currently 17 turning 18 in September and finishing the HSC in October. I am looking at doing a gap year at one of the resorts around Banff, hopefully teaching skiing/SB (and/or working in a bar)...
  2. Holmlands

    Ski the World - Short Film

    A little film we thought members of this community might enjoy. In 1994, aged 50, former Financial Times Ski Correspondent, Arnie Wilson skied every single day for a year in 240 different resorts across 13 countries with his girlfriend, Lucy Dicker as the couple made their way into the Guinness...
  3. Hermannator

    Resource Domestic Flights Japan

    Couldn't see a dedicated thread for this... My question to the brains trust: Is it worth flying from CTS-NRT with anyone else bar JAL/ANA (e.g. to connect with NRT-MEL flight home, I'm thinking no)? Specifically those two offer an 'explore Japan' or similar pass for JPY10,000 one-way. On the...
  4. kurtis bollard

    taking snowboard to japan with JAL

    so, heading to japan from sydney next season with JAL and taking a suitcase and board by itself in board bag. Has anyone had to pay charges flying from sydney? or will they just let u on. Also for a qantas domestic flight to sydney has anyone experienced taking a board on those flights for free...
  5. J

    Advice needed Jindy to Thredbo Conundrum - Buy carrier pod or drive up in another car?

    I'm travelling up with 5 mates to Thredbo later in the month and we have booked accommodation in Jindy. We have 1 problem, we can't carry all our gear + everyone in 1 car. We have a Jeep (Grand i think) without roof racks and a Toyota 86. As I see it, our options are; 1. Bring both cars on the...
  6. Akinori Koyama

    We can help you to take your big stuffs to your destination.

    I am working at the limousine hires service as a n English–speaking driver. I have experienced to take to Naeba ski ground, Hakuba ski ground, Hakone, Mt.Fuji, Osaka, Kamakura from Narita airport. If you will need the transportation from the airport, please let me know. I can arrange. Inquiry
  7. L

    Overseas ATM withdrawals - best options? ING Direct - $100 offer!

    Hi Guys - interested in opinions on the best method to reduce ATM fees overseas. I have a Citibank which I have used previously but have found this can be a bit restrictive on availability? (France, China recently). Any other options? I have just signed up for ING Direct as they have and it...
  8. climberman

    Question Kids flying as unaccompanied minors

    Hi all The Fox and I are heading to Europe (Sydney to Geneva via Dubai). Our kids are going to join us two weeks after, same route. No overnight on the stop. We will have them officially as unaccompanied minors, but are there any suggestions from members for things we should look out for /...
  9. M

    Niseko and Onsens

    Planning to stay Pension Berg in Niseko - had any one stayed there before....was it decent? Plus any suggestions for good hot springs to visit ?
  10. TDS

    Getting to Nozawa Onsen from Kyoto

    Hi Guys, Hope you've all been well! Was just looking for some advice regarding transportation to Nozawa Onsen. I will be staying in Kyoto before heading to Nozawa and was wondering what the best way for me to get there would be. Would I be better off training back to Tokyo then up to Nozawa...
  11. CourtneyThorne

    Domestic flights Tokyo to Sapporo

    Trying to get an idea of domestic flight costs Tokyo to Sapporo in Feb/Mar 2017. Anyone recommend using the Japan Exporer Pass? ( I've heard baggage costs can be pretty pricey and sometimes it's cheap to send your gear over using...
  12. skiwhatever

    Shipping skis from San Francisco, California to Avon, Colorado

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if someone would be able to help me out. I'm instructing at Beaver Creek for the 2016/17 season and obviously I have all my own gear. I'm doing a 26 day Contiki tour before I start at the Beav, and unfortunately I can't take my skis with me on the tour (because...
  13. gwiz

    Advice for getting to Niseko from Sapporo

    Hi, First time going to Japan. Sorry if I missed another post - I couldn't find an answer yet. Three questions: Is there a link to what the options are for getting to Niseko to Sapporo? Should I ask my accommodation to offer something, or should I get it myself? I have a return flight on a...
  14. P

    Advice needed Advice for a first time international snowboarder :)

    Hi guys, First time posting on the forum, about my first time travelling overseas to snowboard! I am planning on heading over to Canada at the end of January, and wanted to get some advice on a few things. My vague plan at the moment was to fly over and spend a few days at Banff, then head to...