winter 2019

  1. POW Hungry

    Opinion "July is the old September in Sydney"

    So our mates over WZ went bold with this 'statement' headline, indicating the Sydney seasons are back to front in recent years. And given the last few non-seasonal days in Sydney, I doubt there's much argument in that. But it seems these dry Westerlies are only paying dividends of a...
  2. POW Hungry

    Predictions 22-26th July - The Neg AAO tips it's hat to SE Aus

    Looking like a big LWT node moving through our region during this date range. GFS currently points toward a strong shortwave through the SE on the 26th, whilst EC signals it for the 23rd/24th. According to a number of EC members, there are indications that it peaks over SW WA, however I think it...
  3. POW Hungry

    Predictions 10th-15th July - The Long Shot

    Off the back of some BBQ discussions, EC ensembles are trending to a decent cold shot through the SE around the 10/11th July. GFS 00z (Determ) has flipped on the lastest run and supports a similar scenario. But use with caution as it's only the deterministic @312 hrs out. GFS ensembles are not...
  4. POW Hungry

    Predictions 27-31 May - 2019 Kick Off System

    Starting to come around now, with all major models signaling a strong push in from the Southern Ocean, through the SE on the 27/28th. There's also the potential for a clipper on the 25th, but it's rounded out with a strong ridge so it's all white noise for now IMO. At >200 hours out it's no...

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