1. OREOS_31

    Question Which is better: working for the resort or working for a small business on-mountain?

    I'm keen to work at Falls Creek during the 2019 snow season but I'm not sure whether I should aim to work for the resort as a liftie or something, or if I should aim to work for one of the businesses on the mountain (I have hospitality experience and could work as a bartender/waitress/kitchen...
  2. J

    Thredbo Job Interview

    HI I've got a skype interview for a potential job as lift operator at thredbo. Looking to work down there for 2017 ski season. Any tips?
  3. Neason

    Advice needed Level 1 Instructor Perisher

    So I've passed the video interview stage and have made it to reference checking which I'm low-key surprised at, this brings up the question of whether I should pursue this position. So basically what I would like to know is: Is the wage for a level one instructor liveable? What is the process...
  4. T

    Advice needed Fernie vs Big White vs Norquay - where to work?

    I've received multiple offers for working in ski school and I am the worst decision maker alive. Fernie? Big White? or Mount Norquay? Previously I have skied at Whis, Beaver Creek, Vail and Breckenridge. I'm pretty sure I want to work at Fernie. I like the appeal of the town and enjoy...
  5. Morris Fuller

    Advice needed Looking For Job

    Looking for a job for a mate, he is hard-working seventeen year old who has around three years experience in hospitality at the Coffee Club. Please contact me 0479178676
  6. J

    Job Vacancy Hakuba Japan 2016/17

    A vacancy exists for our start up hotel in Hakuba. We are a 10 bed accommodation provider with a soon to be open bar and restaurant. Applicants would need to be self motivated and passionate about exceeding client expectations, as it is our first year this is very...
  7. E

    Working accommodation

    Hi guys, I'm heading up to work on Bulla (for my first season) in June and I'm looking for some details and advice. Not too sure what to expect from the staff accomodation. I'll be working in hospo and they describe it as a "lodge". What I'd really like to know is, will I get my own room or is...
  8. TJswish

    Car Pool Sydney to Falls in May?

    Anyone driving down from Sydney (or via Sydney) this month? I start work on the 30th and can convince some nice friends or family to drop me down there but if someone is heading that way, let me know and I'll chip in for gas / help drive if you want. I'll be working for the lift co (2nd season)...
  9. F

    Advice needed Working in Perisher 2016: pay, hours & living

    I know there's a few threads with this title already but even older threads from previous seasons haven't really addressed the questions I've got. So I just did my online interview for a non-certified ski instructor position, in which it looks like you get APSI accredited before starting the...
  10. R

    Question Work as Ski Instructor in U.S.

    Hey, I was offered a position in Whistler but are having issues with my visa. So now I am looking at resorts in the U.S. instead. I can get the J-1 Visa no problem. I have no certification. Which resorts are good for working as a ski instructor taking into account accommodation costs and...