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2015 End of season (+ve) reports

Discussion in 'Perisher' started by despot721, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. despot721

    despot721 One of Us

    Jan 16, 2015
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    Here is my 2015 report.
    I was planning on one more day during the last week of Sep but couldn't make it happen. Oh well, thats it for me in 2015.
    Even with the dissapointing early closure of BC and Guthega I still had a ball. After an 18yr break I managed one day in 2014.

    2015 saw three awesome days with my daughter, who is improving rapidly. She has gone from a timid beginner on early starter double at BC, to getting down cold shoulder nicely.
    Then had two brilliant days with the ratbags from work (they also got kicked out of happy jacks tavern, bloody snowboarders !). Plenty of runs down Zalis, Excelerator and Towers (based on Normos advice).

    I finally got to try out my new boots and skis and was very happy with them, even though mrs got sick of me talking about them (and the snow reports).

    Now its time to get the boat out and start chasing that metre plus flattie.

    All up I feel pretty lucky that I was able to make it for 5 days this year and already looking forward to 2016. :thumbs:
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  2. Huntervalleydan

    Huntervalleydan Hard Yards

    Aug 18, 2015
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    I know there has been a bit of negativity on here towards Perisher but thought I would throw my 5 cents in. I visited three times during the year, skiing midweek for a total of 14 days or so on snow from a lodge at Guthega and had a great time. This was my first season I have skied at perisher. I was one of those loons on Front Valley 17 years ago and badly injured my knee trying to teach myself to ski. I since learnt to ski in New Zealand about five years ago.

    I had a great time and have booked my season pass for next year and am looking forward to 2016. I started off at Smiggins which i think is just ideal for those gaining some confidence on the slopes. I managed to ski round a fair bit of Guthega, Blue Cow and Perisher, with the aim of doing some runs on Mt P next year.

    I found the staff helpful, friendly and quite accommodating. An example is that I came down in early September and despite booking for the oversnow transport from guthega for skiing lessons, Perisher advised me that it had been cancelled due to snow conditions. This would have made it a drive round to get my daughter to ski lessons and a fair bit of tiredness from her for the walk up and down the hill from guthega. I asked if something could be done and they put the transport back on for us.
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