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Racing 2017 Hoppet results

Discussion in 'Events & FIS' started by teckel, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. teckel

    teckel Pool Room Ski Pass: Gold

    Oct 16, 2004
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    Narbethong, Vic
    Provisional results:

    Mens Hoppet:
    1. HAVLICK Miles, USA 1:37:24.2
    2. BELLINGHAM Phil, AUS 1:37:24.4
    3. LECCARDI Valerio, SUI 1:37:25.4
    4. WATSON Callum, AUS 1:37:28.2
    5. GELSO Matthew, USA 1:42:00.4

    Womens Hoppet:
    1. JEZERSEK Barbara, AUS 1:46:59.8
    2. ROSE Mary, USA 1:52:42.6
    3. PESSEY Iris, FRA 1:55:40.4
    4. WATSON Aimee, AUS 1:56:13.1
    5. PAUL Katerina, AUS 1:59:42.4

    Mens Birkebeiner:
    1. DE CAMPO Seve, AUS 0:53:10.2
    2. FORRER Jarrah, AUS 0:56:04.9
    3. WALKER-BROOSE Bentley, AUS 0:56:08.4
    4. 514 BLACKWELL Nicholas, AUS 0:57:11.5
    5. 523 BURKE Declan, AUS 0:59:06.8

    Womens Birkebeiner:
    1. MORTON Darcie, AUS 1:09:58.4
    2. PHILLIPS Alecia, AUS 1:11:32.5
    3. ADAMS Hayley, AUS 1:12:50.5
    4. ARMITAGE Ayla, AUS 1:13:02.3
    5. BLANCH Imogen, AUS 1:13:17.3

    Mens Joey:
    1. DE CAMPO Fedele, AUS 0:16:09.9
    2. HINCKFUSS Hugo, AUS 0:16:35.0
    3. WRIGHT Campbell, NZL 0:16:40.7
    4. BARNETT Adam, AUS 0:16:44.9
    5. WILKINSON Thomas, AUS 0:17:40.0

    Womens Joey:
    1. EVANS Zana, AUS 0:18:16.4
    2. PRICE Hannah, AUS 0:18:37.0
    3. PAMMER Leila, AUS 0:18:38.7
    4. OLDIS Brianna, AUS 0:18:44.0
    5. CULLEN Jorja, AUS 0:20:10.7
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  2. currawong

    currawong Old but not so Crusty Ski Pass: Gold

    Sep 17, 2003
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    Kiewa Valley
    some random facts

    Darcie Morton who won the women's 21km event finished on one ski, having lost/broken one a km or so before the finish.

    Barbara Jezersek was Slovenian at the last 2 winter olympics but became an australian citizen last year and will represent australia at the next games

    Miles Havlick (men's hoppet winner) and Iris Pessey (3rd in women's hoppet) have been giving lessons at Falls Creek this season.
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  3. Ryan W Kan

    Ryan W Kan Hard Yards Ski Pass: Silver

    Aug 8, 2016
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    Anyone know the results for the night sprint?