2018 Winter Olympics

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    I am looking at heading to the 2018 olympics. I was wondering if anyone has any experience from previous olympics or any advise in regards to planning sch a trip.

    Is anyone else thinking of going? It would be nice to know some other people over there as it looks like I will probably be travelling by myself!

    Thanks in advanceā›·
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    It's in South Korea. I am not that interested in the Olympics myself, but if you are it can be fun! But definitely hop over the Sea of Japan to Honshu or Hokkaido for any skiing.
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    I worked for Acer at the 2010 Vancouver games, but I was also living there at the time. I pretty much left Australia with my working VISA (in the middle of the GFC) knowing that the Olympics would provide work in Vancouver, and that was exactly how it turned out. Would you be going as a tourist or as someone trying to work there? I'd probably suggest the latter if you really want to immerse yourself in it. You can wind up at posted at some of the prime venues for the duration of the games, you can also wind up on IT helpdesk at HQ... But, It's a pretty cool thing knowing you've been a part of the whole event.
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    @Heinz has attended previous Olympics, I believe.
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    I did go to 3 games in the 80's & 90's - Calgary 1988, Lillehammer 1994 & Nagano 1998. Did them as part of ski trips. Enjoyed them all but having seem what I wanted to see, have since preferred to concentrate on my ski trips and haven't really felt the need to go to another.

    Can offer a few tips, much will have changed since those days but much I imagine will also still be much the same.

    First things for you to consider to start with. I can offer a bit more once you answer some of those.

    1. Do you want to dedicate a whole trip to it or combine it with a ski trip?
    I did mine in conjunction with some skiing (not in the games area). You can ski in Korea as well if you want to mark that off, but I would agree with jellybeans, for any serious skiing head across to Japan before or after the games.

    2. Do you want to spend the whole 2 weeks or just 1 week? First week or second week?
    I just went for 1 week. First week once, second week twice. This can depends on what events you want to see as per q3. eq. I wanted to watch a downhill race so that meant week 1, but if you want hockey finals then needs to be week 2.

    3. What events are you particularly interested in?
    Alpine skiing, x-country, Ice hockey, freestyle, skating etc.
    From that you can work out a rough schedule. Then apply for tickets. keep in mind commute times, so don't try and schedule more than 2 even ts in any one day. Also good idea to have free days to do other things.

    4. What other things Korean are you interested in?
    You can do these in between event days.

    5. What sort of budget?
    Unless you have a big one you will most likely be staying in a city away from the games area and commuting. I commuted to Lillehammer ftom Oslo and Nagano from Tokyo.

    6. Specicalised group tour or independent?
    I booked Lillehammer through a sports tour company and that was good. looked at similar for Nagano and found it very expensive so did it independently with a rail pass much cheaper.
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    Stories I've heard from visitors to many olympics over the years is the runs at the host resorts are all but deserted whilst the alpine events are running. Except for the race course/s area itself. Speed events (DH & SG) need a long track, so depending on the layout of the resort you could find there's limited access to some parts of the mountain.