News 2019 Black Crows Skis have flown in!

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    A few little birdies visited us yesterday and we're stocked up on Crows for the winter!

    We've expanded our range this year to include skis like the Daemon and Camox, with the winners Orb, Vertis and Atris back in stock for another solid year, these are the fast movers in the range and will go quick.

    The new Camox Freebird is definitely worth attention, it has shed a huge amount of weight, now just under 1.4kg per ski, and is a real winner as an Oz BC ski, paired up with a pin binding. The Navis Freebird is back and is always a winner as a touring ski for both here and OS.

    The big powder skis like the Nocta and Anima will arrive later in the year but we've definitely got things covered from 85mm to 108mm underfoot.

    Lots of people missed out last year, especially with the Atris, numbers are still restricted this year so don't mess around if you're keen.
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