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2020 Kendo and Mantra V Werks reviews

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by FatBoyDave, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. FatBoyDave

    FatBoyDave One of Us Ski Pass: Silver

    Jun 3, 2013
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    So my old Brahmas are starting to de layer.
    Well at least the top sheet on both skis is coming off in a number of locations and there's only so much re gluing I'm prepared to do.

    As a potential replacement for something in the all mountain 85-90mm underfoot.
    I skied the Mantra M5's last year and liked that they were manageable at low speed, had a manageable turn radius for Aus resorts and didn't just want to go mach 10 all the time (like the previous version Mantras). So based on this I was interested in the "new" 2020 Volkl Kendos that use the same construction but are just that little bit thinner underfoot.
    Has anyone demoed this years Kendo's and want to comment?

    While researching I saw the Mantra V Werks (which looks to be a very different ski) and modelled on the 100eight skis rather than the M5 titanal construction. These look to be a good (but maybe expensive?) backcountry/powder ski.
    Anyone tried them or care to comment??
    I saw a pair in Ausski and they are super light. They guy at Ausski said he demoed them and they were really "precise". I have no idea what that means.. I watch the ski essentials youtube demo and they said pretty much the same thing, maybe that's where he got hte term from?
    I saw this review on BLISTER for the Katana V werks, which while not the same ski does seem to be from the same construction.
  2. DPS Driver

    DPS Driver A Local

    Jul 18, 2014
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    My mate in Queenstown had the Mantra Vwerks. While he liked the way they skied they delaminated really easy and Volkl would not fix them under warranty because he had bought them while on holiday in Whistler.
    Left a very bad taste in his mouth. I must point out that this was the NZ distributor not Aust.
    He now skis on the DPS Cassiar 95. He,s a big unit over 100kg and loves the performance.
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  3. Chowder11

    Chowder11 Part of the Furniture Ski Pass: Gold

    Oct 21, 2003
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    V-works is a full carbon layer lightweight ski more designed for touring purpose.
    If it gets skied hard in resorts it will probably break down significantly quicker than a Brahma, M5 mantra, kendo that has Titanal laminates built in to the ski.

    The Kendo is a great ski, skis like the Mantra’s thinner brother. Has a very similar construction but in a narrower profile.
    Check out the enforcer 88 also, is a tad more forgiving than your Brahma, which would be nice in spring Aus conditions
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  4. Kelpieboy

    Kelpieboy One of Us Ski Pass: Silver

    Jun 27, 2015
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    Tooma , NSW
    Spent the 2019 season with the 2020 Kendos underfoot. Griffins attaching my 2020 Atomic Hawk Magna 120 boots ,stiff boots for stiff planks. I found them good in all conditions encountered and perhaps slightly better in soft conditions. Good all round ,all mountain ski ,very good overall without excelling in any one particular aspect. I tried them with softer boots (90) and found the boots werent helping the ski reach its potential but as soon as I put the stiffer boots on ,wow watchout for the punch out of deep corners , they became ultra responsive , almost like a turbo thrust from apex of turn through to straight.
    I like them a lot ,might get the Mantra to go with them for next season.
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