23.10.21. Sugarloaf reservoir walk.18 kms Loop. Post Lockdown hike.

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Jul 29, 2015
Melbourne, Lockdown-i-stan .

After being stuck in Loch Doon for what felt like June to Mid October 2021 :-0, I was ready to walk all day somewhere green and pleasant ,somewhere other than around my suburban block.
Three other VNPA hikers and I met at the Ridge Picnic area Car Park at 0930 and off we went in a clockwise direction. We had some showers of rain but what with no flies and no heat the walk was not taxing at all. The track was slippery in places and the reservoir was at 90 % capacity. The Sailing club was springing back into life too.
I can recommend this day walk in the leafy N.E. fringe of the Melb. metro area to anyone who is moderately fit and wants to do a pleasant day hike to regain their walking fitness.

We had lunch under the trees at the highest point of the track , not far from where there is a pit loo . We stopped to put raincoats on/ take raincoats off. We passed a number of other day walkers hiking in both directions as well as some trail runners.The track is well marked with orange arrows and /or posts.

The walk across the dam wall on the paved surface is not the best part but overall it was most enjoyable to finally get out for the day.
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