A Winter Season In Review!


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Sep 21, 2002
got down there with my girls for the first decent fall at the end of the july school holidays .All systems go and we all had a great time .It doesn't take much for selwyn to be good .Would like to see a family pass in future.
It's said often and sometimes quite easily, but Selwyn 2010 really was our best yet. We had a strong opening weekend with plenty of skiing, we smashed our previous snow-making records, had record crowds and the best August snowfalls for years which allowed us to stay open a lot longer than usual. The Nev Dex Terrain Park was in full swing all season with alot of our staff happy to volunteer the upkeep of the features, we had photo shoots and snowboard videos shot (http://www.popmag.com.au/36413/adrenalin-boardstore-checks-out-selwyn/) as well as demo days. But really the best part of this all is we know we will only top it next season. Starting in April/May 2011 and continuing through winter I will be posting on ski.com.au and both our Facebook and Twitter pages a lot more getting all the info you guys need and answering all your questions.
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Jun 1, 2005
congrats, its really great to see selwyn being run so well, the larger resorts could take some lessons from selwyn. good luck next year.
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