News AAWT Track Clearing. Baw Baw N.P. April 9-12.2020

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Jul 29, 2015
Melbourne, Lockdown-i-stan .
BTAC will be doing some track clearing in the Baw Baw area in April.
9-12 April: BTAC Track Maintenance Project - AAWT Philack Saddle to Stronachs Camp

Contact BTAC via their website if you want to help clear the jungle :-0
on the Northern section of the AAWT across the Baw Baw plateau.

Imagine if the whole route across the Baw Baws is cleared so that Nordic ski touring becomes more pleasant .
You can assist with this mission and get that warm fuzzy feeling of doing some volunteer service towards the maintenance of one of Victoria's finest XC back country skiing and walking areas.
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