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    Wee're ba-ack!

    Join us for the first Adventure Time event for 2018

    As always
    - Doors open at 7:30pm for a 8:00pm start.
    - Use the entrance 5m west of the main doorway at 197 Wilson St, Newtown.
    - BYO food and drinks & some $ donation to help cover our costs
    - Stay in the loop on the fb group https://www.facebook.com/groups/816387731749301/


    In Aug 2016 he set off to cycle from Greece to China, following the ancient Silk Road trading routes. With not much of a plan, except to make it to China. The idea was to discover the people and places of some of the most ancient cultures in the world, from the Ottomans and Persians to Mongols and Tibetans.

    Apparently this is not a story of hardcore adventurers braving the wild, but 2 normal people discovering their way by bike, learning a lot about themselves and the world in the process. They'll talk about deserts crossed, mountains climbed and freezing nights, but most important to them were the lessons they allegedly learnt.


    Three week climbing in the desert of Jordan.

    This talk is about a three weeks climbing trip in the Jordan desert in the middle east of two European climbing buddies. With the surrounding mountains of the desert city Wadi Rum, Jordan offers a sandstone wonderland with a blend of canyon landscapes, Yosemite big walls and desert alpinism.

    In this presentation Jakob will show some pictures and tell some stories about climbing some of the mega-classics, report about logistical issues, make aware of the touristical (sp?) and cultural must do's. Word on the street is that he may even perform a fascinating interpretive dance!

    See you there: Pat, Bjorn, Tom and the very eligible Miss X (Heir to the famous Perkins paste empire!)