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Event Adventure Time - Thursday 8th August

Discussion in 'Backcountry' started by Spiersy, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Spiersy

    Spiersy One of Us

    Apr 11, 2009
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    Adventure Time is back Thursday the 8th (Yes, that's this Thursday!) for tales of kite surfing and ocean paddling.
    Come on down to the usu. location in Marrickville to hear from:

    1. RICHARD BARNES - the planning of an epic

    Whilst others have talked to Adventure Time about trials and triumphs achieving adventurous goals, this talk by master kayaker Richard Barnes is about chasing a dream, and plans for future adventure.

    Many will recall the story of Andrew Macauley, the lone paddler who got so so close to paddling from Australia to New Zealand, but perished within sight of landing.

    Since then, two people have crossed the Tasman in a large modified double kayak.

    In 2018, Scott Donaldson, with a little assistance along the way, and a stopover on Lord Howe Island, became the first solo kayak crossing.

    This still leaves a target to aim to be the first solo unassisted nonstop kayaker of the Tasman.

    Two years have now been spent planning, trialling prototypes, and sorting out solutions to a myriad of expedition requirements with the goal to set out sometime in 2020.

    Richard’s talk will step through that preparation trail, and aspirations for the trip.

    2. BASTIEN MISSUD - Kitesurf instructor / Overlander / Ultrarunner

    Bastien first dreamed of combining his passions to visit the most remote parts of Australia when he first stepped Down Under six years ago.

    Kitesurfing the Great Australian Bight, Surfing Gnaraloo, Driving the Gibb River Road across the Kimberley, Running Arnhem Land, Litchield and Kakadu, etc etc

    This, then is what he relentlessly prepped for over five years. A year ago, he drove his mighty Troopy across Sydney Harbour Bridge, towards his first objective...CAPE YORK, in Far North Queensland.

    He's now back in Sydney and will share some short films, edited on the go, in the back of his car, starring his adventurous friends...Thomas, Magali, Stephan, Sophie and many others...who joined him for various sections, sharing the long hours behind the wheel whom he taught how to kitesurf, drive and maintain a 4WD while training for ultra running in mother nature's most beautiful classroom.

    Join us to discover his universe and ask about all the ways to discover Australia, via the paths less traveled.

    - BYO grub and drinks
    - Bring a few dollars for a donation.
    - Doors open at 7:30pm for a 8:00pm start.
    - To stay in the loop: https://www.facebook.com/groups/816387731749301/
    - Don't know the event address? Just get in touch on facebook!
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  2. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear One of Us Ski Pass: Gold

    Jun 2, 2014
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    In the woods
    Guess I'm going to have to go now :)
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