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Nov 22, 2020
I had Karhu Kinetic BC skis for about 30 years and loved them! I could go anywhere and had great control. I did a lot of forest exploration and snow camping in the mountains. I even used the downhill lift to go up and practice telemarking.
I was at an intermediate level at least.

Then 3 years ago the bottoms delaminated and the whole bottom pealed off both skis.
I was told that I should have been waxing them even though they were waxless in order to keep the bottoms moisturized so they didn't dry out. No one had told me before.
QUESTION ONE: Is this true? Would waxing the waxless bottoms have kept them from drying out?

I didn't realize that skis were SO different and asked for advice at the local store. They sold me Rossignol BC 70. I can do nothing with them! no control! can't turn on edge! It's like riding on a flat plank. I was a raw beginner again and fell often. I need to understand why.

I have recently been advised to try Rossignol EVO OT, Rossignol BC 80 Positrack or Madshus Panorama M62. I have been reading articles about camber, tip rocker etc. but it is too complex for me to understand.

How can I find something similar to my beloved Karhu Kinetic BC's?

I use bc NNN bindings on my Rossi BC 70 that came from my Karhu. Someone also said I should get new bindings (that still fit my NNN boots).

I would love advice on:
2. what is most similar to Karhu Kinetic?
3. what criteria to consider in new skis to get a close match that gives me control and lets me go off trail (mostly ski walking).

I ski groomed trails about 2/3 the time because it is easier on my body, and off trail through the forest about 1/3 the time. I prefer the off trail but don't have the energy any longer to go very far.

Any advice is very much appreciated.


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Apr 18, 2015
Welcome to the forums Karuna.

You might find metal-edged Madshus Eons or the Fischer 68/ 78s the thing.
Others will come's late in the season...

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Jun 21, 2008
The skis delaminated because they are so old.

Nothing is similar to those skis because they are so old.

Your old skis were a lot narrower underfoot than those Rossis, maybee try something like a Madschuss Panorama M55. I've a pair with a different name and they turn well, go well BC and also work on the groomed trails.
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Jul 18, 2014
Ski bases don't dry out as such. What looks like dry is abrasions on the surface of the base which gives it a fluffy look under the microscope. Using a topical wax will reduce the look of the abrasions but they are still there and will re-appear. This is then the time to give your bases a grind. A bit different with patterned bases but you get the gist.

As @teckel says use glide wax and as @Telemark Phat says. Your skis delaminated because they were so old. Sounds like you got your money's worth out of them.
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Jul 13, 1998
Middle Oz
The number of people who wandered into the shop when I worked in one with skis in one hand and bases in the other and asked why did this happen and can we fix it exceeds my memory for numbers.

In every instance they were old skis.

Skis are consumables, they have lives.
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