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Australian Alpine Club Niseko membership

Discussion in 'Noticeboard' started by foxhound, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. foxhound

    foxhound First Runs

    Apr 19, 2007
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    The Australian Alpine Club (“AACâ€) is inviting applications for membership in an alpine lodge in Niseko, Japan. AAC Niseko is the first member-owned, not-for-profit Australian snowsports club in one of the most desirable alpine resorts in the world.

    Niseko Club lodge
    The Niseko Club lodge was purchased in June 2007. The lodge is on almost one thousand square metres of freehold land and previously operated as a commercial lodge. It comprises eight guest rooms in various configurations that will accommodate up to twenty-three guests. Each guest room also has an en suite bathroom; a desirable feature which is relatively rare in this style of accommodation in Niseko. The lodge has dining and bar areas, a commercial standard kitchen and its own 4WD minibus. Similar to most other Niseko lodges, it is situated on the local shuttle route, with a pick-up from the front door.

    Details of the Niseko Club lodge are available in a presentation format on the www.aacniseko.com website. Please note that some of the photos may take a few seconds to appear, depending upon your internet connection speed (and our bandwidth).

    Bookings for AAC Niseko members have opened for the 2007-08 Japanese winter season. Accommodation rates are based on the market rates for similar accommodation in Niseko, with AAC Niseko members enjoying booking priority and a 50% discount on their accommodation. Details are available on the www.aacniseko.com website.

    Reciprocal booking rights in Australia
    AAC Niseko members also enjoy immediate reciprocal booking rights for the Australian winter season at five Australian Alpine Club projects in Australia. There are also other booking arrangements that can be utilised through our relationship with other alpine clubs. Details of the other Australian Alpine Club lodges at Falls Creek, Perisher Valley, Dinner Plain, Mt Buller and Mt Hotham are available at www.australianalpineclub.com.

    Membership of AAC Niseko is $6,500, comprising a debenture worth $6,000 and a non-refundable joining fee of $500. Membership application forms can be downloaded from the www.aacniseko.com website.

    Membership advantages
    <ul><li>Priority booking at competitive rates at one of the best powder snow areas in the world;</li><li>Security through a saleable debenture in an incorporated association;</li><li>Reciprocal booking rights at five other AAC projects in Australia; and</li><li>Confidence from over fifty years of AAC experience with alpine lodge projects.</li></ul>
    We think we have answered almost every question we have ever been asked about AAC Niseko in the membership information / frequently asked questions material on our www.aacniseko.com website. If you have further questions about AAC Niseko that you think we haven't covered, you can direct them to aacniseko@ozemail.com.au.

    Our accountants at ProAcct Pty Ltd can also assist with matters such as the processing of membership applications. ProAcct can be contacted during business hours on (03) 9880 9600 or by e-mail to Jenny Hood at jhood@proacct.com.au.

    Additional information about AAC Niseko is also available on ski.com.au.

    Ian Farrow
    Australian Alpine Club Niseko

    #1 foxhound, Apr 21, 2007
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  2. Hilo's alter ego

    Hilo's alter ego First Runs

    May 19, 2003
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    Good to see.

    Unfortunately we're doing renovations and starting in 3 weeks. Otherwise we'd certainly join. Hopefully places are still available at year's end. That $6k may be important in the reno washup.

    Good luck.