Beaver Creek January 2022


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Sep 29, 2009
Hi all, since it looks like Japan is a definite no-go this year, we are looking at going to Beaver Creek for most of January. It has been a very long time since we skied in the USA, and Covid makes things "interesting" so have a few questions if anyone can help.

1. flights to Eagle (at Beaver Creek) from Sydney have a 2 hour layover at San Francisco (all flights via Delta)-is this long enough to transfer given the Covid requirements?
2. Would you fly to Denver instead of Eagle (noting its a 3 hour(?) transfer from Denver)?
3. what is the snow generally like in January?
4. has anyone stayed at Strawberry Park Condos or Kiva, if so can you give us some feedback?
5. The Epic pass stops being sold in 4 days, is it necessary to buy an Epic pass (seems very cheap when we will be there for 3 - 4 weeks)? or is there a better/similar way to do lift tickets?
6. Generally we book stuff direct, but given its our first trip to the USA in a while is there a travel group you would recommend?
7. Any other thoughts / comments on Beaver Creek would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!


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May 12, 2000
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I remember one time flying to Denver with a friend, I caught a shuttle from Denver, she flew to Eagle. I beat her to Vail. Weather can definitely affect flights, that said it can also affect traffic on I-70

January is super cold, can snow a lot. You might find that things could possibly be a little low tide at the start of the month, but should be decent by the end.


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Oct 26, 2002
I kinda like the LA - Eagle flight option, dropping in through the clouds onto a snowy runway.

Denver - BC I70 shuttle is a tad boring but if you take that option make sure you pre book.

Both options can be snow delayed.

January is cold but not so busy, snow varies but should be great.

Strawberry Park is right on the Strawberry Park lift, kinda the easier side of the resort, not quite central but an easy stroll to everything. 4 star, nice Americano mountain condos.

Buy an Epic pass

The Beav is a really nice place to ski and stay.
We rented a 3 br condo in Kiva back in 2006 and it was great - might be getting a little tired 15 years later but we had a great time and the owner was fantastic (a stockbroker from NY) . We were there for a almost 3 weeks and got some great snow. Flew into Eagle and got a transfer up to BC. Great resort, we did one of the sleigh rides up to a cabin for dinner, skied over to Batchelor Gulch and had lunch at the Ritz Carlton. Did a few days trips to Vail as well. Good sized ice rink in the village as well.

Beaver Creek - Not exactly roughing it. That was the "slogan'" back then
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