Ben Lomond Summer Mountain Working Bee March 14-15


Hard Yards
Aug 25, 2003
Ulverstone Tasmania

What’s happening across the weekend??

The Alpine Hotel are putting on a band on Saturday night - so rock on up for a big weekend;

Ben Lomond Snow Sports will have an excavator operating - involving some work on maintenance of the Village road and drains;

Parks are also supplying gravel to assist us in filling in pot-holes and improve the road through the Village and past the Alpine Hotel to NTAC - so bring a trailer and/or shovel;

Alpine Enterprises are conducting a clean-up across the mountain, helpers can assist with the removal of rubbish from the slopes

Across the toboggan slope its been identified that there are metal staples left over from the vegetation matting which need picking up, so send the kids up with a bucket and a good reward at the end of the challenge.

Does your Lodge need a chimney swept?

All Areas Chimney Sweeps are able to visit the Mountain but the BLC need you to confirm who and where. If your lodge wants their chimney swept, please reply email or call 0438 253 111 by 10 March 2015 to book a timeslot in on the Saturday or possibly Sunday, please note your preference.

Parks & Wildlife may have a truck available to assist with carting away rubbish from the mountain cleanup;

The Terrain Park equipment needs to be moved to an under cover location under the snow sports building.

Some slope grooming is planned for Sunday to tidy up and consolidate the areas previously groomed on the main summit slopes.

We have tasks for all skill levels, but bring along any obvious safety equipment (gloves, glasses, hearing protection) and tools you’re competent using - examples include battery operated grinders or drills, crowbars etc - as we may do some work on snow fences.


It has been confirmed that there will be upwards of 100 cyclists on the Ben Lomond road on Saturday and a small number on the Sunday - so keep a keen look-out when driving.

Please make yourself known to Adrian Beswick (Bellendena) or Tony Gray (NTAC) when you arrive - for a quick safety brief and to talk through tasks available for completion.
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