Question Best Way To Get to Perisher from Jindabyne


Hard Yards
Aug 18, 2014
Hi heading to Jindabyne for Snowtrek festival, which is now cancelled! Anyway still want to make the most of it, and have 5 days to spend in the snow. We already have a apartment booked for 3 nights in Jindabyne (where the festival was), and was wondering whats a good way to get to Perisher from Jindabyne (don't have a car)? With the Perisher ski bundle we are looking at, it mentions it includes the Skitube:

$645.00 Adult 4 Day Ski Bundle
Access to 30 of Perisher’s 47 lifts suited to Beginner/Intermediate and 2 hour Ski lesson every day at Blue Cow at either 9:00 or 11:00am. Includes Skitube and Hire of Skis, Boots and Poles for collection from Bullocks Flat Only. FREE lift access on the afternoon prior to your first full day skiing.

Does the Skitube actually pass through Jindabyne?

I looked at this page: and still not sure.

Also not sure whether to continue staying in Jindabyne for the last 2 nights or finding a place in Perisher. Do you think its worth paying the extra and stay in Perisher?

Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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One of Us
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Sep 9, 2010
You can hitch to the Ski Tube no problem - just make sure you have a sign saying Ski Tube/Perisher.

Otherwise if you can afford it - stay on the mountain and enjoy it. The school bus goes up in the morning and afternoon and costs apx 20 dollars - call Cooma Info or NPWS Info at Jindy for details. And I think there's a bus from Canberra.

You can stay at Crackenback resort and walk to SkiTube or take their bus.


One of Us
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Jul 7, 2007
Northern Beaches, Sydney
@ccastell88 if you've got the budget mate id just try and stay in perisher. You're on the mountain, no fuss, every things there. I stayed at the Eiger this season and Jindy last, i can honestly say it was so much better ON mountain than off. Thats of course if its in your budget :)


One of Us
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Apr 29, 2012
Perth/part time resident of Jindabyne
I use the snowlink shuttle from Jindabyne to the skitube on odd occasions when the other half does not want to ski and she wants to use the car.
They go from Jindy (8 ish) up to the skitube then on to Thredbo.
In the afternoon they do a run from Thredbo down to Jindabyne via the skitube(5 ish?)
I think they charge $15 one way and $25 return and will generally do pickups from outside your accommodation.
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