Trip Report Bogong High Plains Bushwalk.27-29th Dec.2019.

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Jul 29, 2015
Melbourne, Lockdown-i-stan .
Salaam .
Your correspondent in the field went for some relatively easy bushwalking out along the Bogong High Plains.
The route was :
Day 1.
Pretty Valley Pondage /Pole 333/ Pole 267/ Young's SEC Survey Hut.
Day 2. Young's hut/ Pole 267/ Short cut ,cross country to Cope West Aqueduct weir/ Ryder's hut.
Day 3 Ryder's Hut/ Cope Saddle Hut/ Pretty Valley Pondage.

My chest infection and rasping cough were draining my powers, the bushfire alert and the glacially slow pace of Ms. S. all contributed to the decision not to walk across Young's Top to McNamara's hut on this trip. It is unfinished bushwalking business.
It was very hot when we met in Mt. Beauty and I was thankful that I had decided to shorten the trek for the above said reasons.
We saw many wild horses, much horse poo and Ryder's hut camping area is infested with bunnies and hares and their droppings and excavations .
The BHP overall are very dry with many tarns and channels that would usually have water in them are now dry .
The Pole line down to Young's hut has been swallowed up by scrub so following it is interesting. Someone has tied flagging ribbon to two trees on Young's spur to differentiate Young's Top Pole Line and the Young's Hut pole line bifurcation.
Wildflowers were not at their usual best during December due to a paucity of rainfall.
It was rather smoky up there but the visibility improved on day 2 and 3.
Here are some photos from Day 1.
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