"Boxes For Days" Terrain Park Competition

Hey guys,

Got some news! On the 2nd of July 2011 Selwyn will be holding a Terrain Park competition sponsored by Mervin Manufacturing called "Boxes For Days". Some of you may be familiar with this competition as it has been held in Japan and the US in the past few months.

Head over to our facebook page here and read up more.
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Little park for beginners (on the Wombat run) has:
• 3m box
• 3m rail
• 1 barrel bonk
• rollers
• 10ft table.

Our Second Park is bigger and more challenging it has a progressive jib line and a gap jump as well as:
• 5.5m box
• 5m up flat rail
• street style 6m down rail
• 6m flat down flat rail
• 6m Battleship rail
• the rat trap (2 barrel bonk hit platform)
• right hand hip/start ramp for jump
• 20ft wedged gap jump
• Wall Ride
• Skate style 5ft quarter pipe with a box coping

This is all based on last year. I'm not fully up to date with our Parks Manager regarding new equipment. But it would be likely we have some fancy new gear for 2011
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First Runs
Apr 25, 2011
Hey All

Hope every one is getting amped for the 2011 season. hope your all thinking about getting you Jib and Jump on. Just to let you know, we are getting a bunch of new features this season and there will be more boxes for the comp.
keep checking the forums and our Facebook pages for more updates. Hope to see your all there.

Selwyn Park Crew
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