Bright to Mt Hotham on Alps Link PTV Bus

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    Quick note to on an outstanding service. Took the bus (actually a coach) up for a day of skiing at Mt Hotham last Friday. One adult and two kids Bright to Hotham return cost me $56. If I drove, resort entry alone would have cost me $50.

    Left Bright at 7:15am, and got to Hotham Central at 8:35am (scheduled to arrive 8:45am). Skis and backpack go in the cargo hold.
    Handed the cash to the driver and away we went.
    Pick up at Hotham Central 5:50pm, back in Bright at 7pm (scheduled to return 7:10pm).

    Unfortunately the service only runs Sunday, Wednesday and Friday in the ski season. Surprised to see it not better utilised given the value of the fare. Maybe if it was better utilised, they would run it more days or even every day.

    Fare information (note does not include the $18 adult and $8.50 child resort entry which you pay to the bus driver)
    Timetable information at
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    I've used it outside the ski season and the cost from Bright to Hotham was... $5.
    The cheapest travel in the mountains.
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